What the Hell Big Evolve Alpha?

Clipping Error discusses his frustration with not being able to play the Big Evolve Alpha due to too many errors on the PS4.

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MisfitsInc1266d ago

i just got into my first game last night, and i've been trying to get in since the day it went live on the PS4

jmac531266d ago

Me too. Kept getting the CE- error and crashing out to the dashboard. Maybe got 1 to 2 games total.

CEO_Stealth_Inc_1266d ago

The XB1 version wasn't that much better either. Sadly.

JeffGUNZ1266d ago

It sucks, you're not missing anything at all.

CloudRap1266d ago

Yeah it was pretty underwhelming tbh.

anwe1266d ago

I hate to hear that, as the concept sounds so good. It does seem however that it would get old fast.

FanboyKilla1266d ago

Woah, lets not write the game off, because the beta doesnt work or your console. I think the game will be good. Im calling it.

RyanShutup1266d ago

I was just about to say the exact same thing. It was pretty borning and as a result I promptly uninstalled after a few matches. Pretty lame...

TekKing1266d ago

" I wanted to give you guys an overview of what it felt like to play, and now you won’t get that from me, which is a shame."

"ultimately this is still Left 4 Dead."

Evolve is definitely not like L4D because L4D was actually fun. Evolve will die within a month (if not sooner).

MasterCornholio1266d ago

I saw a lot of people have issues with the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.