Is the PS4 camera worth the money?

Most people who got the PS4 last year didn't think twice and got the PS4 camera with it. Gamers were excited by the kinect-like possibilities and convinced the camera would be a great accessory for the PS4.

One year later, is the device worth it?

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Neonridr1380d ago

If you plan on doing Twitch streams then absolutely it's worth it.

But if you don't plan on doing any streaming or video chats, then to be honest it just sits there.

Great that in Alien Isolation I can use the camera to lean around corners. But we all know that 99% of the people would rather use a button for that.

SpiralTear1380d ago

Yeah, it's the streaming and video chats that sell the thing. If you dig those, go for it. If not...wait for a price drop.

Volkama1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Is the facial recognition account sign-in pretty much the same as the Xbox One?

For me one of the best things about Kinect is the fact that I can let my kids at the console, and the account sign ins and parental controls are seemlessly applied. This stuff is important in the real world.

I haven't explored the PS4 parental control options yet, I'm just not telling the kids that there is a PS4 :)

Neonridr1379d ago

I have to figure it's very similar. It makes you go through some scanning process where you have to tilt your head all around. I never really think about it, I mean I turn the console on and it logs me in. I assume it's using facial recognition, but there aren't any other accounts linked to my PS4... so hard to say ;)

Volkama1379d ago

Mine always comes up asking me to select which profile to log in as, even though I'm the only profile on it. That may be configurable, I haven't really explored.

Curious about how granular the parental controls are though, and whether it all ties together to make the console child-safe.

Though I'm not sure I want 2 cameras set up. Maybe I'll just keep the PS4 secret, they don't need access to everything.

filchron1380d ago

i would love it if all games had accurate 3D headtracking

Gamerbeyond1380d ago

ps camera + = totally worth it.

Bathyj1380d ago

"Most people who got the PS4 last year didn't think twice and got the PS4 camera with it."

We did?

"Gamers were excited by the kinect-like possibilities."

We were?

Rhetorical questions aside, anyone who really wanted Kinect like abilities would have got a Kinect, which was not many.

I would have thought most people that got the Playstation camera bought it for broadcasting and for that its doing its job fine (I assume).

uth111380d ago

no! Because the camera was even rarer than the PS4 itself earlier this year

refocusedman1380d ago

I have one and tbo, not really. I thought I would be able to record things directly to my ps4. The ps3 had an app for that.I havent nor am I going to use it for twitch streaming so its been pretty useless for me. Although I do use the voice commands :-/

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The story is too old to be commented.