Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct announced for tomorrow

A new Nintendo Direct presentation will be held tomorrow, Nintendo has announced.

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TheCagyDies1055d ago

Fingers cross for Fatal Frame V announcement.

Neonridr1055d ago

my only worry is sales in Japan were not that great, so it may factor in their decision to want to localize it.

However, since the game is done, a quick translation with some english voice overs shouldn't be too expensive. And there are plenty of people here in NA that would pick up this game. Might help make some of their money back.

ritsuka6661055d ago

my only worry is sales in Japan were not that great, ''

Nope the sales are in par with other fatal frame.


bouzebbal1055d ago

hopefully some zelda blowout

Neonridr1055d ago

@ritsuka666 - Awesome! Didn't realize it did that well when compared to previous installments.

Still, is it enough to warrant Nintendo localizing it?

Concertoine1055d ago

I think they need all the games they can get. The fatal frame series can be a huge win for them if they realized how to sell it. If they got one of the umpteen shrill-voiced youtubers out there to play this game they could really expose the series.

For example, DreadOut, an indie game with the same gameplay mechanics and is a tribute to series, is MUCH more popular than its inspiration because of its exposure on youtube.

TheCagyDies1055d ago

Yeah Concertoine, I can see a lot of let's plays and Scary Reaction vids.

randomass1711055d ago

The Japanese sales for Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors were worse than NA from what I read so maybe Nintendo will consider stronger Wii U support in the west?

tinkypop1055d ago

could Nintendo be holding fatal frame back till the film comes out?
Release both West side could be massive.
Both correspond with each other, would be a advertisement dream.

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mydyingparadiselost1055d ago

Amen to that,m y WiiU needs some Camera Obscura action.

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shaw981055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Wonder what it is. Probably a little about smash, mario kart dlc (maybe a zelda track announcement), captain toad details. Should be awesome what ever they are announcing or presenting. Hype.

Concertoine1055d ago

We havent had a (general) direct in a LONG time so i think this'll be something special.

JuleyJules1055d ago

We've had a Smash Direct so hopefully they don't beat that one again. We've heard enough, we're ready for it so it's time to talk more about ammiibos, Captain Toad, MK8 DLC. Then they need to drop some Wii U surprises and release dates for 2015 to get momentum going from SSB in a few weeks. News about the update that's bringing pre-loading and maybe other stuff would be good too.

GordonKnight1055d ago

Hopefully they will announce 3DS/Wii U cross-play or maybe the NEW 3DS.

Munnkyman1055d ago

They are def going to announce the new 3ds and sell it this holiday season.

MSBAUSTX1055d ago

They have already announced it isn't coming out State side until 2015

wonderfulmonkeyman1055d ago

They might change their minds, though...
They did so with the release date of Smash in Europe by pushing the date for that forward to the 28th of Nov, instead of leaving it in Dec.

Munnkyman1055d ago

Oh I did not know that.

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The story is too old to be commented.