Oculus to Sony: Make Sure Morpheus is 'as good or close' to the Oculus Rift

VRFocus - With every passing prototype and development kit for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) creator Oculus VR has tackled more and more of virtual reality's (VR) biggest issues. Problems such as motion sickness may not have been completely solved but the company has drastically reduced the effects using low latency displays and innovative software solutions. Despite the fact that Oculus VR will one day be competing against a range of VR HMDs, it's hoping that other companies are taking the same approach.

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THC CELL1349d ago

Will be better, only content will be the competition

SonofGod1349d ago

How do you know it will be better? Have you tried them both?

Don't say Sony's will be better, just "because it's Sony".

THC CELL1349d ago

I have tried em both. Loved em both but I felt sony had the edge

Kurylo3d1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Troll. Anyone who tried both already sees occulus is years beyond sony. Whats funny is sony fanboys will hit agree just cause it says positive comment to sony. Wake up guys.. this guys name is the cell lol.. hes trolling people.

@below .. morganfell

What articles have i trolled? Im dieing to know. I barely even comment on N4g. Im just a VR enthusiast who has a rift and understands the technology.

Rift has 110 degrees viewable where morpheous has 90. OLED panel for rift, LCD for morpheous. Also Rift is winning with a technology they’re using called low-persistence display. This allows the screen to shut off for tiny fractions of a second between new images, and has been reported to dramatically reduce motion blur, judder and motion sickness in users.

morganfell1349d ago

"Don't say Sony's will be better, just "because it's Sony"."

Why not? You troll Sony articles just because its Sony.

rdgneoz31349d ago

@Kurylo3d Grasping for straws? Let me try...

His name also starts with THC which stands for "Tetrahydrocannabinol&quo t;, which some studies have shown can help kill cancer "cells".

donthate1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Everyone knows Oculus Rift is what all VR is measured against at this point and with the deep coffers of Facebook, Sony will never catch up.

Sony might make a prettier one and charge you a lot more.

SonofGod1349d ago


"Why not? You troll Sony articles just because its Sony."

I rarely go to PS articles, and I usually don't comment when I do. I came here for VR and saw THC CELL's comment and I couldn't help but to question his obviously biased speculation.

And I've never made a troll comment on a Sony article. I have no idea where you're getting that from.

Show me proof.

morganfell1349d ago


Go look at the first page of your post history. There is all the proof anyone requires. If you need it to be broken down line by line in Second Grade terms then such an expplanation would be useless and a waste of my time. At such a point no amount of listing repeated offenses will matter in the least. You are what you are and nothing will change that fact.

PS, I am talking at you, not to you.

SonofGod1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )


I checked my history and i couldn't find a comment on a Sony article (except for this article and one where I praised GT7).

You are speculating and jumping to conclusion based on either groundless reasons, or nothing at all. I don't really care.

"PS, I am talking at you, not to you."

You aren't talking "at" me if you acknowledge my argument and then directly reply to it.

Good job.

fr0sty1349d ago

Cell isn't alone in their opinion. The general consensus has been so far Sony has the edge over Oculus. One example:

"In terms of which headset delivered crisper visuals, less lag and a more immersive experience, I feel Morpheus has the edge on Oculus - for now."

donthate1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )


Don't bother responding to a troll. Morganfell does this same thing every time.

Blames it on some far out history instead of responding to the story at hand. As if your history diminishes what you asked. It is a legitimate question.

If you want, look in his comment history and look at the number of bubbles. That usually tells you the whole story on this site.

Army_of_Darkness1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I have no idea which VR headset we be better, but one thing for sure is that if naughty dog and Sony Santa Monica does something with it then I'll have no doubt in my mind that Morpheus will beat oculus :-D heheh
Quality software will be the deciding factor.

N4GDgAPc1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Right now I hear its a pain to set up for Oculus Rifts but you forget there dev kits. They already said the consumer version will be more plug and play.

But I get the Oculus Rifts DK2 in the mail Wed. So i'm excited to try them out. Got like 30 games I downloaded to play with. Hopefully I'm not one of those people that get sick from playing it.

bouzebbal1349d ago

it'll definitely be better because of the software, and we know nothing about the tech other than developers have tried it and liked it.
i think oculus are being pretty arrogant with their this. let's just see if their VR doesn't flop.
Morpheus already is gonna start with a big fanbase (PS4 owners) and that only is a pretty good way and place to start.

MeliMel1349d ago

Morganfell is one of the Sony fanboy leaders, so your in a losing battle especially in a Sony article.

If you read some of the specification on both VR set you would see that Rift is better.

N4GDgAPc1349d ago

Yes Oculus Rifts have reported to be better than the Morpheus. But at the same time Oculus Rift has been in development longer so its expected. And really I think they have more recourses to develop it with Facebook buying it for $2 billion. A lot of top programmers left there game jobs to work on the rifts. Forgot his name a very well know programmer who has been with ID Software most of his life that created all the engines left to work for Rifts. Couple more from ID Software and Value left. And some more video companies I can't think of

freshslicepizza1349d ago

sony will be more concerned with pricing and because the ps4's hardware is more limited than high end pc's i don't see how it will be better. sony is more concerned about producing a mainstream product and to be able to sell it to console owners at a reasonable price. i doubt morpheus will cost over $199 and they wont be selling it at a loss.

what does matter is software and we can only hope software support is far more impressive than what we saw for the playstation move.

blackmagic1349d ago

The lower resolution, lower contrast, lower framerate, lower field of vision, higher latency display panel used in morpheus pretty much guarantees the Rift's superiority.

G20WLY1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

SonofGod, proof of trolling Sony? Yesterday, you used all 3 bubbles to point out a "missing shadow" on COD:AW for PS4? Desperate spamming...

As for Morpheus, when was the last time specs were released for the current iteration? We get updates very regularly with Rift and even get to use new versions at home each time they release a new DK. There's no way any of us can know what's changed on Morpheus since the last time specs were released.

If these 2 VRs aren't similar in spec, it will hurt both, as there will be a parity issue where devs want their game on both. Sony and Oculus know this.

The biggest differentiating factor for me will be that one works in conjunction with my PS4 and benefits from the 1st party studios and the other doesn't.

Joe9131348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

@Kurylo3d actually if you go back to any video review of GDC when the Sony announced their VR device most people who has tried both said OR screen has less motion blur or whatever you want to call it but Sony's is more comfortable and each show after that where Sony brought their HMD the screen has gotten better so it shows they are working on it and people are not being fanboys all you have to do is watch a few videos so how bout you do some digging before calling people names

N4g_null1348d ago

So sony wins by deflating the tech pool, interesting. This is really a thinly veiled pc vs ps4 argument.

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johndoe112111349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Oculus VR needs to take their heads out of their cracks and stop constantly trolling sony with comparisons and start studying how the hell they are gonna stop mark zuckerberg from plastering ads for candy crush and farmville on every vr game every ten minutes. Or the bigger issue of how they are gonna convince me to buy an oculus rift that is now owned by one of the most anti consumer, privacy stealing companies in the world.

Infamous2981349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I think Project Morpheus will be more consumer friendly than oculus because I am pretty sure that project morpheus will be plug n play unlike oculus.

Kurylo3d1349d ago

I think the only convincing u need is sony charges u money to play online and occulus works on pc which does not lol... Not to mention that u need 75 frames per second at 4 k resolution to get a solid vr experience. Good luck getting that out of a ps4.

kayoss1349d ago


"...75 frames per second at 4 k resolution to get a solid vr experience."

I have no doubt Oculus Rift might be better, but what you're telling me according to your statement is that there are ton of people out there right now who can play 4K on their computer? You do realize that there is only a very very small percent of computer owners who can actually play 4K on their computer right?

methegreatone1349d ago

Way to go, keep putting out unrelated arguments, changing the subject. If that makes you feel that Morpheus is superior :)

Maybe you'll learn to stop doing that eventually.

Its funny though, with Facebook invested in this, they'll probably end up with better tech at a better price. Oh, and the sdk for developement is completely open. Did you know that ? You probably did, but yeah this will turn into Facebook machine evil evil Sony save us.
Just saying.

I haven't tried either. Maybe Sony's user experience is better overall compared to the previous/latest oculus build. Just remember However, I have to say I think Oculus has a huge advantage. Its on PC. It doesn't have the limitations the PS4 would. That said, first party devs will make amazing exclusive content, no doubt.

Ofcourse it will, but that doesn't matter for PC gamers, because thats just how PC works. Console has its advantages, and so does PC. PC is not as user friendly, fine, but as a result its got superior everything, and a great deal of options.

Its basically the PC vs console argument in my opinion. So you can't really compare the two headsets too much, it's kind of pointless.

FlyingFoxy1349d ago

@ kayoss

Even people with good gaming rigs can't play 4k well, some games even average as bad as 40fps meaning it will dip a lot lower. That's with 2 970's in sli.. and more than 2 gpu's have bad scaling for performance meaning you get minimal gains getting a third gpu.

1 card for 1080p and 1 for some 1440p games or even 2 at that resolution to get high stable fps. People who use 4k are at a major disadvantage and unless they have deep pockets they can expect games to run poorly, or have to resort dropping to medium settings even with 2 gpu's.

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kingduqc1349d ago

How can they provide a great VR experience if they are limited in both resolution and framerate?

For a great VR experience you need really high resolution: Even 1080p is cutting it short as in you literally see each individual pixels and the space between them.

You also need 90+FPS for Low motion blur mode (basically strobing at 90hz a black frame) Greatly reduce the blur caused by the slow pixel refresh and make the movement clear. This is basically a must because otherwise you get sick and it's tiering for the eyes.

Both of those are impossible on the ps4 hardware unless they severly reduce visual quality, scale and complexity of games. Most AA can't event get the bare minimum of the pc standard back in 2006 (1080p/60fps) so I don't see how can sony actually outdo a VR headset on PC.

Utalkin2me1349d ago

Well if you have played it you would know it works well. Regardless of what tech you think it needs.

Kurylo3d1349d ago

u need 75 fps for no studdering. And it works good at 2k resolutions, but its difficult to read text at the edge of the screen at those resolutions.. 4k is the way to go.

Nicaragua1349d ago

1080p resolution on tiny pixel dense screens is not the same as 1080p spread out on a 55" TV - so no you do not see the pixels

bumnut1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

^^^ You can see the pixels because its so close to your face. 1080p is not enough, you only look at the part of the screen the lens focuses on so the pixels stand out, needs to be at least 1440p imo.

You would see the pixels on your TV if you sit close enough.

kingduqc1349d ago

There are some dense people here so I'll take time to reply to a few of them.

@Utalkin2me -> Played Oculus rift that is 1080p at 75Hz and I know very well that this isn't cutting it.

@Kurylo3d -> No, you need over 85-90 HZ to achieve real low persistence mode. "As we know, low persistence does not work with 60 fps. As the screen flashes only once per frame and stays black until the next frames arrives, the flickering would be very annoying at 60 Hz."

Right from the developers, also same thing as lightboost hack witch is also noticable at 85hz or lower.

@1080p resolution on tiny pixel dense screens is not the same as 1080p spread out on a 55" TV - so no you do not see the pixels --> So does watching 1080p from 7 feet vs watching it under 7 inch. If you tried one you would know. Where is what i'm talking about, even 1440p isn't quite great.

Now please, I know you all love sony and hope they succeed but the fact remain that VR experience isn't that great unless you have over 90hz refresh rate aka 90fps+ without dips with high resolution (1440p barely making it you can the dot pitch distance between each pixels, 4k should be decent to play with) witch is far from being in reach for the ps4.

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360ICE1349d ago

What was different between the two?

Muadiib1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

All tech sites that I have read have given the Rift the edge in every way that matters. The Morpheus is quite far behind really, which is fine, if and when Sony take it seriously (they aren't, their financial foes prevent any risk taking) they can maybe catch up. I doubt they have people as smart as Carmack working on it though so I'm not full of confidence.

Kurylo3d1349d ago

Rift has 110 degrees viewable where morpheous has 90. OLED panel for rift, LCD for morpheous. Also Rift is winning with a technology they’re using called low-persistence display. This allows the screen to shut off for tiny fractions of a second between new images, and has been reported to dramatically reduce motion blur, judder and motion sickness in users.

360ICE1349d ago

That part about Sony not taking risks because of financial peril makes no sense. First of all, we know PlayStation takes risks all the time. Journey, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet, Wild, Rime and many more are testament to that. It's one of PlayStation's defining features.

Also, is it more of a risk to take your projects more seriously?

If anything, I'd say Sony has started taking their products, especially their phones, more seriously since Kaz Hirai took over.

Thanks for the info.

user56695101349d ago

i doubt it.

ORift note to self dont say anything about sony their fans are crazy and think sony is the greatest thing since sliced bread. anything short of worshiping them is frowned upon.

2cents1349d ago

Iribe mentioned that Oculus VR has even invited SCE to sample the latest prototype of the Oculus Rift, taking the opportunity to ask the company: “Please make sure your product is as good or close!”

This quote sums it up. Oculus have worked their asses off to make VR a real thing, not just a gimmick. Not that there are many me too solutions coming, they want to make sure that others don't cheapen the perception of VR as a toy. Oculus are in this to make VR the next big thing, not just an add on.

They want Sony to be responsible in their execution to make sure that the hype that Oculus has created for VR is not reduced to just another gimmick.

There is much arrogance on all fronts but the core message is true. Sony, don't F it up.

No need to go into Sony defence mode. It's just a intelligent but arrogant request from Oculus.

Kidmyst1349d ago

"Oculus to Sony: Make Sure Morpheus is 'as good or close' to the Oculus Rift" Gloves are off, dems fightin words!

tee_bag2421349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

The elephant in the room is how is VR going to feel at such a low frame rate (effictively halved) on the consoles. Motion sickness is VR's biggest challenge right now and low fps is a massive hurdle.
Hopefully Sony has a solution to this but I'm yet to see any technical details. Until then I'm skeptical.

2cents1348d ago

I agree,

there is 'science' involved in this, which Oculus have had to learn and adapt to, to make usage less vomit inducing. They have been very open and honest through their development since the kickstarter days. Now facebook is on board we should get the best possible product that they can make, especially as they want around 50-100mil sales to make the platform viable.

It's nice to know that they are trying to maintain standards for us consumers.

mysteryraz111348d ago

I dont know if I should slap or laugh at you, eh I think I should do both, you have no idea what you are talking about kid

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Insomnia_841349d ago

Here they go again with their arrogant comments.

1349d ago
Fishy Fingers1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

What's arragant? Him hoping every company investing in VR provides the best user end experience they can?

It's an emerging sector, one poorly put together device could hurt VR as a whole. Something everyone releasing a HMD should be trying to avoid.

Did you read the article?

Fireseed1349d ago

Oh because Sony is just the harbinger of humility...

crazysapertonight1349d ago

Can't be, because of hardware)

Dramacydal1349d ago

General population to Oculus: Make sure this thing isn't PS Move or Kinect. Whoops! Too late.

Rainbowcookie1349d ago

Just be quiet... and protect your rear from your new boyfriend facebook.

Infamous2981349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

XD you made my day HAHAHA, funny bubble for you ;).