Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Midnight Launch in Pictures

Some people still like to get their games the old fashioned way and who’s to blame them? Great fun, to talk with other hardcore fans of the series, while waiting to grab a physical copy.

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Massacred1351d ago

Still exciting to see midnight launches be this successful, regardless of what you think of the game. People coming out and showing support is always a plus. Passionate Players.

CloudRap1350d ago

The line was much bigger than Destiny, at least at my local gamestop here in Miami.

Fizzerd1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Well, seeing the disagrees there are people who know better...

Edit: AW is a really fun game, something thats the most important about a game.

Massacred1343d ago

Good to hear Midnight launches are still alive and well.

DirtyLary1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

My buddy went to the midnight release of MW3, never again. He said it was an unbelievable scene. Most of the guys in line smelled like wet towels and the guy next to him was fantasizing about the guns in the game while trying to impress everyone with his knowledge of gun ballistics. A total "WTF am I doing" moment.

Fizzerd1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

The reason why I'm sneaking to my local gamestore in the afternoon. + I'm not gonna play a game after midnight 0:30.

OculusRift1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Exactly, MW3 was the first and last Midnight release I'll ever go to for anything. People kissing like animals, people getting the game first showing off, some one on the phone nonstop. Weirdos fantasizing about the game, people telling you their life story, some guy looking for people to party up and play but never accepts your friend request (I STILL REMEMBER YOU, FRANK!), the guy who pre-orders multiple copies and tries to sell it marked up to the people who didn't preorder and can't wait 30 mins or to pick it up during the day, people cutting inline and the smoker who won't step out of line and blowing smoke into the wind traveling behind him, poisoning everyone else with 2nd hand smoke.

Donnywho1350d ago

I hated the fact that there were tons of people who seemingly had no clue in how to be prepared to receive their game. no receipt, no ID, I swear to God half these people didn't know their own name or how they got there. They just appeared wanting a game. Gears of War 2 Midnight release, never again.

one2thr1350d ago

Its crazy, how all your experiences were exactly like how mine went down, and I did the midnight release for Blacks Ops (Last game Im doing that for), and the PS4 (was told if I didnt come back after paying for it that night, it wasnt guaranteed to be there in the morning)

It was an annoying time due to, smokers, life-storytellers, braggers(like really, Im in the line 5 people behind you and your bragging that you got your game/console 2 minutes before me and everyone else that follows), the constant "Im here to pick it up for my brother/sister/bf/gf/co-worker " and being denied, the "I forgot my ID" people, is it not common knowledge that in New York state once you hit the age of sixteen your not suppose leave your house without some sort of ID/identification card?(Was told that by, a cop and robotix mentor)

OculusRift1350d ago

I live in New York too