Ubisoft details Far Cry 4’s ‘game within a game’ of Shangri-La

The conflict-rich region of Kyrat isn’t the only area that players will explore in Far Cry 4. Ubisoft’s Dan Hay took the time to discuss the magical realm of Shangri-La. The game’s executive producer revealed how the mystical world provides fans access to a “game within a game” that is built on top of the title’s existing Himalayan open-world map.

Shangri-La will be first introduced to players through the main storyline of Far Cry 4, but it will then become open as an optional location which gamers can continue to visit should they desire. The magical world is presented as an open-world map that players are free to explore just like the can in the primary Kyrat map.

Rather than applying a new paint job on top of the game to create the otherworldly feel of Shangri-La, Ubisoft instead created a new world with new gameplay features.

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This is gonna be awesome

rivencleft1378d ago

I know right?! I can't wait, so many awesome titles coming out this month though, my wallet it killing me, or I should say my wife. Already bought GTA V on PS3 on release but after the announcement of the new first person mode I'm going to have to buy it once again. Still, so many games coming out this month that we've all been waiting for, for what seems like forever now.