The Nexus Times: So Long WildStar

As you can probably assume from the title, this is going to be the last rendition of The Nexus Times. It’s with a heavy heart that MMOGames' columnist made the decision to leave WildStar behind and attempt to find a greener pasture.

Excerpt: "I can remember my first visit to Nexus like it was yesterday; playing through the overkill of a tutorial more times than I can remember, in order to try out every class before I settled on the Stalker, and then teleporting to the Crimson Isles. I did initially level an Exile character, but I found the first few starting zones so mundane I scrapped that entire idea and defected to the Dominion side. The Crimson Isles were a blast, at least for a starting zone, and finally gave me a chance to sink my teeth into the game.

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