Iron Banner returns to Destiny - Bungie pulls Iron Banner from game, Was it set live in error?

"Bungie has pulled Iron Banner from Destiny just a couple of hours after setting it live.

The Iron Banner bounties are gone, the back area of The Tower is closed and Iron Banner is no longer available to select from the map.

It looks like the event was started prematurely, then, which makes sense when you consider much of the changes Bungie had promised for the mode were not in place."

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GuruStarr781378d ago

Yeah, I noticed that the armor 4 sale was not level 30 armor and that my rank 3 had not carried over like they said it would.

Was really looking 4ward to playing some iron banner now that I'm level 30 (and this time your level is SUPPOSED to matter).

Hopeully it comes back next week with all the updates in place..

Revengeance1378d ago

I was looking forward to it too. I was already rank 3 as well and I need hand armor to get to lvl 30. I got tired of doing the Raid over and over.

CloudRap1378d ago

Advanced warfare takes a dump on this game, throws it in a bag, lights it then leaves it on Bungies front door.

OUROSMAG1378d ago

Looks like someone sucked at it.

GuruStarr781378d ago

Yeah, agreed... I was talking to someone the other day in destiny and he kept saying "PVP SUCKS"! I asked him why and to explain and he had no answer except, "it just sucks!"

I checked his K/D on and it was .32


isa_scout1378d ago

I have a high K.D ratio in Destiny and even I think it sucked...I'm not saying AW PvP is better, but just because you dislike a game doesn't mean you suck at
BTW I was a level 29 Titan with a 2.3K.D in crucible before I deleted the game from my PS4... I'm looking forward to Halo so I can play some real MP.

Reaper29r1378d ago

I thought it was broken, and though I'm not great I don't suck. StormWolf2-9, look it up if you like. Highest I ever got 7.5 kd, and that was with getting in deep with a Silvered Hushwind D and Invective. Rank 3 in Iron Banner. The net code is laggy (shotgunning a guy point blank twice and then he turns around and does special punch and all the sudden we're both dead) and I have a 30mb connection. Supers should never have been in multi, Arc Blade is beyond OP. I've had my entire team wiped out by an arc blade, some of those guys spawned close and died again. It also takes at least 2 rockets to kill a hunter in blade mode, what with their magical recharge. At least the titan is situational and can be avoided (floating, teleport) and the warlock void one is damn near impossible to escape as a titan but the warlocks are very vulnerable while charging. There are hardly any maps, even less for certain game modes. Those are my main gripes. Maybe AW will fail to steal crucible lovers. But I promise you HMCC won't. Bungie is about to get trumped by their own legacy. Both in the SP and MP department. You may disagree, but you'll see soon enough.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1378d ago

Two completely different styled games.

Rhomiel1378d ago

CoD is fun but I don't get the same feeling from shooting, the reactivity of the gameplay is just spot on in Destiny when you blow up an head or shoot something you feel it in the controller and sound, in CoD, you know the guy is dead, because you can see trough walls... I know in real life that when you shoot on a target that you don't get feedback that you actually hit it but this isn't reality and CoD could use some of that feedback.

RogerDodger19541378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

*slowly claps*

Mehmeh1378d ago

U mean with all its glorious p2p and lag issues making it unplayable for many ppl.

joab7771377d ago

That is why it isn't out. Activision won't let anything detract from CoD this wk.

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bohemian 231378d ago

Glad you will be playing that instead of Destiny.

GuruStarr781378d ago

LMAO.. burned SO bad... what a troll..

mediate-this1378d ago

Destiny's crucible is far better than cod mpi, that's my op, for me it's the tighter controls, cod controls are so wonky.

Cod tries to twist titan fall and destiny together, it's whack

BattleTorn1378d ago

I agree, because with a little skill you don't die every 20secs, something that seems inevitable in COD.

Rich16311377d ago

Why the hell isn't this just a permanent mode along with Salavage? This game is bare bones as it is. -_-