Ubisoft explains how choices will impact you end game in Far Cry 4

The idea of making sure that gamers are being presented with choice is being built into every aspect of Far Cry 4. Ubisoft wants to make sure that players are able to consume the game however they see fit. Furthermore, executive producer Dan Hay revealed that the developer wants to make sure that those choices are represented within the story so that no two fans will have the same experience.

Just like the open-world gameplay that will allow players to freely enjoy the gameplay of Far Cry 4 untethered, Hay revealed that Ubisoft is building the title’s narrative around the same philosophy of choice. The developer wants fans to finish the story on their own terms. Relationships will develop with characters throughout play and, while they might suggest how to accomplish each objective, the decision on what to do at any time is ultimately left to gamers themselves.

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The thing I don't like about this article is that it's very small and yet it uses the word "fan" 4 times in it. Hey, I'm even a fan of the game, but that seems excessive.


Hope this is well optiomised for the PC