Lords of the Fallen Review | The Game Scouts

Palmer Sturman: By now, you’ve probably heard that Lords of the Fallen borrows liberally from Dark Souls. Don’t be so quick to dismiss it, though. Lords of the Fallen brings plenty to the table that allows it to stand on its own two feet, though it may not ever quite leave the shadow of its mentor. Lords of the Fallen chooses to stand out in other ways, defined instead by its more hack-and-slash oriented combat, Diablo-like loot style, and its unique approach to experience and stat gain that, while similar to Dark Souls, adds multipliers through a system that can prove to be quite a gamble, especially early on. Though Lords of the Fallen may cater to a more casual audience and probably won’t keep all Dark Souls diehards engaged, it presents a great alternative for people hesitant to jump into Dark Souls’ high-stakes hardcore approach. It’s a great entry point with a couple of memorable characters, and stunning graphics.

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