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Palmer Sturman: When Sunset Overdrive’s brilliant trailer debuted at E3 last year it displayed a world that wasn’t afraid to take shots, spoofing the brown-tinted gritty realism of military shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield by injecting color, vibrancy and humor into a universe entirely its own. It goes without saying that trailer excited a lot of people, myself included, but now that Sunset Overdrive is released can it possibly live up to the hype it created? It does. Well, mostly. Creatively, and in terms of presentation, Sunset Overdrive is a masterpiece. Few titles can even claim to hold a candle to its world, its humor, or its characters. Its fast-paced kinetic mayhem makes for brilliant game play, but the title’s tedious mission structure makes the game’s A.D.D. targeted play style slow to a dead halt. A problem that was only made more apparent every time I found myself having more fun veering from the beaten path.

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