Evolve Big Alpha Gameplay Impressions | Fun but doomed to fail?

Dealspwn: "2K announced that Evolve's Big Alpha has been extended through Thursday this week after the delayed launch on PS4. We've been jumping in the game a fair bit over the past few days, and aside from a slew of technical issues (it's an alpha, we rather expect that), there are a number of concerns and question marks that we still feel are hovering over Turtle Rock's asymmetrical shooter."

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MysticStrummer1329d ago

My impression, purely from watching streams, is that Evolve will get old fast.

radler1329d ago

It's a really fun game with a surprising amount of depth, and is easily one of the best multiplayer games to come out within the past few years in my opinion.

It remains to be seen whether the game will have enough content to sustain a healthy playerbase, though. Apparently the full game will only have 3 monsters to choose from (2 of which are in the alpha) and I have a feeling there's going to be a small amount of maps as well, which is worrying considering a limited selection of maps will be the main factor in how fast the game gets stale.

It really is a very fun game I think, but they desperately need the content there to keep players interested. It's also making the same mistake Titanfall did, which is releasing a multiplayer-only game for $60. If this launched for a more sensible price point of $40/$30, I'd say it's a must-buy provided it has a sufficient amount of content.

At $60 though... Maybe if they had at least 10 monsters and about 20 multiplayer maps, it would be worth the price.

Volkama1329d ago

I'm not feeling the asynchronous 4vs1 competitive idea. That goes for Evolve, Fable Legends, and the Bioware game with the name I forget.

I won't rule them out completely, but I don't anticipate any of them will be very good.

grailly1329d ago

I played both Shadow Realms and Evolve at GamesCom and I had a blast, but that was with a full team of players cooperating. playing Evolve through random matchmaking definitely doesn't feel the same nor is as fun; I have a feeling shadow realms will be the same

Athonline1329d ago

The Many vs 1 can be quite fun. I remember having a blast in LANs with Halo 2's "Predator mode". But that was friends, not random people on the internet. With the later you get people leaving, not cooperating, etc which can be a game-breaker.

It just has to be executed right, as balancing can be tricky.

In my limited experience with Evolve: If you spot the monster first you can win quite easily, if the monster manages to get to phase 3, it will be hard to take it down.

Ashunderfire861329d ago

Dying Light 4V1 as that Spiderman type zombie will best them all with 40 hours of gameplay in the an open world while playing 4 player coop.

Moe-Gunz1328d ago

Been playing the alpha and yeah it'll get old fast.

Tedakin1329d ago

I played the Alpha and was completely sick of it in 45 mins. I don't think the Alpha did it many favors.

grailly1329d ago

5-10 minutes of waiting and loading (when nothing crashes or bugs) for a 10-25 minute round definitely isn't worth it.

Tedakin1329d ago

I was never huge on Left 4 Dead so I can't imagine liking this. I had some hopes, but really it was just boring to me. Chasing a monster for 20 minutes, then is slaps you around.

Athonline1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Based on my experience on the alpha:
It is a quite fun game to play with friends, but the price isn't right. It should be around 13-14 pounds for the PC version and 20 tops for the console versions.

The SP campaign I guess will be "complimentary" as the game is clearly MP-focused. I doubt it will look anything other than a forced mode based on the already repetitive repetitive MP with bots. I guess it is there only to justify the full-price for PC/consoles.

Drop the price and to do so, I wouldn't mind skipping the SP -but keep bots for practice- mode and I may consider it.

dreamed1329d ago

From what i gather there is no campaign/coop its just vs.

Athonline1329d ago

Based on this: and other similar articles, plus Wikipedia, Evolve has a SP...

dreamed1329d ago

I played 30+ games unlocked kracken,and omg is he op...imo this should have been free 2 play coz theres just not enough there to warrent £50.

Everything the first guy said is pretty true,wait for monster to get to rank 3 then head to power reactor for a mega deathmatch which if its against kracken you may aswell throw the towel in now coz hes gonna rip ya a new one in i said this should be f2p imo,just not enough there.

jhoward5851329d ago

You do more ruining than fighting the monster. In other words, evolve is more of a track n field game.

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