Feast your eyes on this Resogun 60 FPS trailer

Housemarque just released a new trailer for Resogun in 60 FPS. If you haven’t picked up this intense, fast-pace shooter yet perhaps you will now!

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AgentSmithPS41356d ago

Trailers can't do it justice, you have to play it.

thereapersson1356d ago

I really need to buy this game so I can continue playing it. I used the free trial for PS+ when I bought my PS4 last year at launch, but when my trial lapsed I never renewed and thus lost access to Resogun.

I enjoyed the crap out of the game when I played it, just as I did Super Stardust HD. Housemarque are the twin stick shooter kings, IMO.

BitbyDeath1356d ago

If you renew your subscription you will get it back.

pompous1355d ago

Incorrect BitbyDeath... Sony changed it to where if you don't subscribe for 2 months you lose all your free games.

BitbyDeath1355d ago

Got a link for that pompous?
First I have heard of it.

Septic1356d ago

Yup. The best game on the PS4 imo and the first game I platinum'd. Absolutely fell in love with the game.

Fishy Fingers1356d ago

Other than BF4, probably the most time I've spent on a PS4 game over the last 12 months. Wish it had a little more content. But the best PSN+ title to date (for me).

Septic1356d ago

Exactly the same situation here. I remember jumping for joy like a mad little ferret when I got the platinum for this.

Nicaragua1355d ago

I didnt think it was that hard to platinum tbh.

Septic1355d ago

Don't you dare take my sense of achievement away!