DriveClub Japan DLC leaked in new video

Japan is to be added to DriveClub via future DLC, judging by footage that's emerged online.

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JMyers1235d ago

Please fix the core game first, the PS+ edition and THEN maybe talk about DLC.

CARROT1809941235d ago

The poeple working on the online issues and the people creating this Dlc content are completely different, the creation of dlc would have no affect on the timeline for fixing the online issues, they should give it away for free tho because of the issues

bouzebbal1235d ago

I'm still waiting for PS+ edition. This game is getting a LOT of hate but returns from people i know are very positive.

badz1491235d ago

Japan? as in the country only or there will be Japanese cars too? I'm racing for accolade and I'm running out of cars to choose from.

I've played a good 9 hours online today and had lots of fun but when you're playing like 9 hours straight, the lacking in contents is prevalent.

still can't create challenges to send to friends though. although online is pretty much up and running. what's up with that?

polloloco1235d ago

Aslong as it is free. The game still does not work properly a month later.

qwerty6761235d ago

yeah they should gift the next dlc for free to people.

especially for people who've still stuck with the game and haven't returned it

GTgamer1235d ago

All new tracks are gonna be free so they gonna have to gift something else probably more than one free car every month I love DC and from playing online so do allot of people and i want the game to succeed but we all know EVO will have to put their best foot forward especially in the online issues department and so far they have been listening to our concerns even answering us on Twitter.

Evil-Gouki1235d ago

wheres the money in doing that, come on people, no profit in free!

CoTton_MoUtH1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Makes me wonder if DC will have anything American added in the game.

Aceman181235d ago

The Hennessey Venom is American so this it doesn't have anything American is false, I'm sure more stuff will be added in the future.

CoTton_MoUtH1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Know what ur talking about b4 u comment ass!!! The engine was made by American manufactuers but it's assembled in the UK.

Aceman181235d ago


It's still classified as an American car.

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