Dragon Age: Inquisition - 12 things to do in 6 hours

MWEB GameZone writes: "One of the reasons why so many gamers are fans of the role-playing genre is because there are just so many things to do in an RPG.

Here are 12 things you'll be able to do within your first 6 hours of playing Dragon Age: Inquisition."

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plut0nash1351d ago

Whatever happened to being held in suspense :/

Sillicur1351d ago

Fighting a dragon, yay :)

endzeitkind1351d ago

man, these kind of news... i cant handle this shitty headers.

DarkLord10031351d ago

Goty for me... (Probably)

R6ex1351d ago

So far, Bound By Flames & Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning has provided me with the most memorable gaming experience this year. And they're like B-grade RPGs. I just couldn't get into the flow of things when I played other games (Assassin's Creed 3 & 4, Bioshock Infinite, Alan Wake, Aliens Isolation etc.). Thus, I'm absolutely sure DAI will be my GOTY.

cplus1351d ago

Bound By Flames? Are you serious? I bought it digital on my PS4 and actually became physically ill for three days when I realized I would never get that money back.

jspsc1231351d ago

reckoning was real good until you crafted the right gear. then you could hand the controller to a 3 year old and watch them beat the game. im having similar problems with mordor

HanCilliers1351d ago

Good chance that Inquisition will be much better than those

Lucreto1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I would end up spending the 6 hours perfecting my characters face.

If I am going to spend 59 hours looking at her face, it needs to be amazing.

Maxor1351d ago

Don't bother with the face when you'll be spending most of your time looking at her ass. Work on that instead.

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