PS4 Youtube share function error resolved?

It seems the Youtube sharing function for the PS4 (introduced with the new 2.0 update) is working correctly. The new function wouldn’t let you upload to your custom Youtube channel. It did however let you upload video’s to your main google account.

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Mikelarry1384d ago

Tried this and it has not resolved my issues, still getting the same error

Christopher1382d ago

What error are you getting? I've done two YouTube uploads without issue on 2.0. Will try one with the update.

Mikelarry1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I can't remember the exact error message string but it started with ws-, installing 2.1 has now resolved the issue though. Thanks for all your input replies

SoapShoes1382d ago

I had an issue but after looking at the neogaf thread about it I found a solution that woeked . I guess it's because my yt account was made before google bought them out or something that's only effecting a small number of people.

XanderZane1382d ago

They just released Firmware 2.01 to fix the Rest Mode problems, so it might have fixed this as well.

Mikelarry1382d ago

Yeah 2.1 did fox my issue

VER1ON1383d ago

What error are you getting? Did you revoke the PSN access on your main google account?

Kane221382d ago

i tried it after patch 2.01 and it works fine for me

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