German PS4 owners can only use Share Play with other Germans

PS4 owners in Germany can only use Share Play with other German PSN account holders, it's been revealed.

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ziratul1380d ago

More and more complications about this Share Play functionality

Dark_Overlord1380d ago

I'm guessing it has something to do with Germanys USK rating system and their heavy censorship of games, and nothing to do with Sony.

ziratul1379d ago

When I say complications I mean: 1. Devs can disable shareplay 2. regional rules -> while it was marketed as plain and simple functionality that will work on all games everywhere...

Dark_Overlord1379d ago

The problem being in Europe, regardless of what any company wants, they cannot over ride local law.

E.G in America MS, Sony and various others added 'No Class Action Law Suits' to their T&C's, which lets them avoid it, however in the EU this was deemed a breach of basic rights and even if it is present in the T&C EU law says its invalid.