Destiny DLC The Dark Below – Everything You Need To Know

MoreConsole talks about Destiny’s new DLC: The Dark Below. New story missions, a new raid, new gear, increased light level cap and much more.

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starrman19851384d ago

Please insert coin(s) to continue.

caseh1384d ago

10...9...8...7...654321 - Game Over.

Spinal1384d ago

Hahahaha that's funny man

I really like Destiny tho, but it will be going into the back burner for Warlords of Draenor in 10 days....

Perjoss1384d ago

Sad but true.

Part of me is glad that Destiny does not have a buttload of content as I've had tons of fun with it and I've moved onto some other great titles like Alien and Mordor, would have really sucked to miss out on these titles just because I wanted to level up some gun that in a few years I will not give a crap about, but the memories from these 2 other titles will stick for a very long time!

Life is too short to play just 1 game for hundreds of hours.

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polloloco1384d ago

I sold destiny for 2 Turkeys and a empty Gatorade bottle.

Neonridr1384d ago

what are your plans for the empty Gatorade bottle?

Jaybronee1384d ago

It's great for the emergency piss jug.

andibandit1384d ago


*New Daily Bounties

Cant wait for "do 21 double kills with fusion rifle"

that should hold me over til february.

OUROSMAG1384d ago

Do people just hover around n4g looking for destiny articles so they can shout from the rooftops how OVER destiny they are?

we get it, you can't get into raids and you got bored.

Baka-akaB1384d ago

Well apparently they need to find some kindred spirit to share "the hatred" ... and of course mostly the negative input surface in comments , happens with so many games (or any entertainement industry anyway , you'd believe everyone hate dc or marvel comics , given the amount of complaints in comics blogs and dedicated sites too) .

Meanwhile those that enjoy the game are busy most times and dont bother posting as often

kurruptor1384d ago

Just loud-mouth gamers. There are millions still playing the game daily.

Some gamers who think they deserve everything for free or everything needs to be done their way. The funniest ones to me are the ones who have logged 50, 100, 200 hours and then they try to bash the game. Sorry, if you get 50 hours out of a game, you got your money's worth. If you got 100 out, you got a great deal. If you got 200, that's unreal.

They think Bungie changed the whole game since the original reveal, but if you go back and watch those videos... it really isn't that different.

They never promised any particular story. So, even if they did change something in the last 18 months... that is their right to do so.

1384d ago
kurruptor1384d ago

Those were just developer documentaries. Again this was over a year ago. Games change during development. It could have been cut for reasons we don't know, it could be DLC, it could be Destiny 2.

Saturn and Mercury were never shown as playable areas. All that was ever show of Saturn was a ship flying by the planet in space. What they claimed was Mercury, was just a fly-by... we don't know for sure it was even Mercury.

Jupiter was never shown as a planet either, doesn't even make sense. Jupiter is a giant ball of gas mostly.

Bungie goes out of their way to make diaries like this, and all you guys can do is dissect it and bitch about it.

1384d ago
CorndogBurglar1384d ago

People can say what they want, but this more content than any CoD, Battlefield, or even Halo map pack.

kurruptor1384d ago

I've been saying this all along. It isn't some DLC pack, it is an expansion (a small one I'll admit), but it is way more than you've ever got from most console games for $20 ($35 for both).

CorndogBurglar1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Exactly. Battlefield map packs come with 3-4 maps and some guns. Same with CoD games. And they are very close in price.

People just love to hate this game.

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