CastleStorm: Definitive Edition (PlayStation 4) Review - Cubed3

"The new generation of consoles has brought with it the divisive phenomenon commonly referred to as the 'Definitive Edition.' Strangely, despite adding more choices for the game-starved public, this practice has its fair share of critics, with the main bone of contention being that the manpower required to polish up these older releases is deflecting resources from developing new games. Seeing as the alternative has a game fading away and being forgotten about as players migrate to the newer systems, it makes perfect business sense to update, polish, and bundle select titles, though, if only to ensure its availability for the lifespan of the following generation. Refreshingly Zen Studios, who has long been in the practice of releasing games on any device capable of running them, has shoehorned a TON of extra content for the recently released PlayStation 4 version of CastleStorm and has totally justified the 'Definitive Edition' tag in the process. However, is it worth a revisit for those who played it on the last generation of consoles?"

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