Driveclub Review by The Black Panel

The Black Panel writes: While there is no doubt that Driveclub is a stunning looking game, the rest of the experience isn’t up to snuff. Average gameplay, a general lack of variety and some terrible AI drag down what is a mediocre racing experience at best. Not to mention that the online features still aren’t working correctly almost a month after release. Players are best off sticking with the free PS Plus version when it is released because the full version isn’t worth the cash.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

So basicly, this review says that if you're not used to playing games where cars handle like real cars, then this game isn't for you? So a racing game should be unrealistic and cartoonish?

Fanboy douchebag alert...

Kevlar0091269d ago

All he's saying is if you don't like realistic racers then you won't like the fact it's a realistic racer. Don't see what the big deal is by pointing it out.

uth111269d ago

I suspect this is a big reason for mediocre scores in other reviews

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1269d ago

Actually uth11 the reason has a lot less to do with the game and a lot more to do with Douchebag fanboys. From the article:

"So in the end Driveclub is a supremely average game at best and a downright broken one at worst. If this was a downloadable title available for $20 I would say it is a solid choice for some occasional arcade racing, but as a full priced release Driveclub underwhelms in every way. I strongly suggest that if you are interested in the title to wait for the free PS Plus version to be released, because I am positive that it will be more than enough to satisfy your curiosity. {I am sorry Sony based rev-heads, it looks like you might have to wait til the next iteration of Gran Turismo to get your PS4-exclusive driving fix.}"

Pretty clear cut case of a Forza fanboy voicing his opinion.

VforVideogames1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

This is in fact a mediocre arcade racer at its best. The handling on this game makes you forget about the great graphics, I give it a 5 out of 10 may be next year I change the score to 6 if sony fix the online problems.

MysticStrummer1269d ago

"the full version isn’t worth the cash."

I bought the full version and it's definitely been worth the cash for me. Yeah it sucks that online racing isn't working correctly yet, but there's a nice amount of single player content, the handling is mostly great, and the visuals are amazing. I'm still working my way through Tour mode and often see Face-offs pop up from other players, so I don't miss online racing much. I personally really like what they've done with penalties to keep cars on the track and punish slamming into another car to help make a turn. I give it an 8 so far.

badz1491269d ago

wait until you play online and you'll meet douchebags that only knows dirty racing. spinning the opponent in front is the most popular dirty tactics now and there's no penalty for that. I truly love it when facing those racing for real because it's intense! but I can't remember how many times I was spun from the lead just because the douche at the back can't get pass with a faster car! DAMN!

jp_footy21269d ago

Hi badz,

Isn't there a reputation system in DC, so you can avoid bad racers?

badz1491269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

what reputation? and how can you know that someone is a dirty racer or not? I'm level 47 myself and I've met these doucebags like in every online race I've participated.

like I said, spinning your opponent doesn't get you any penalty and that's why people do it. THAT and bumping your opponents at corners! if this is an arcade racer, getting bumped at a corner doesn't really have a great impact but in near realistic handling, it's a disaster! especially with super cars and hyper.

it's up to the point where I met this dude, he just literally said at the start, "can you guys for ONCE don't race dirty?"

MysticStrummer1269d ago

"spinning the opponent in front is the most popular dirty tactics now and there's no penalty for that."

Ahhh that sucks. Yeah I see what they're trying to do with the penalty system and I applaud the intent, but it needs to be more consistent and what you're talking about needs to be penalized also.

badz1491268d ago

I don't know why I got the disagrees but that's just what happened. the game itself it great but people need to learn to race, not cheat!

jp_footy21268d ago

Just thought there might be a feedback system so you can leave feedback and in turn avoid racers with bad feedback. For example, race only with others who have at least 60% positive feedback. I don't know how hard this would be to implement or if Evolution would even want to implement it. I was going to get Driveclub and this is putting me off a bit now...

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jp_footy21269d ago

If you give it an 8 so far with all the problems you could be in for a 9 or even a 10 when all the problems are sorted.

MysticStrummer1269d ago

I've never played a perfect game so for me a 10 is nearly impossible, but yeah I can see a 9 if things are working properly. I'd still count off for a few minor gripes.

TeamVVV1269d ago

It's a decent game that will only get better.

Kevlar0091269d ago

I sure hope that doesn't become industry standard. Oops, too late :P .

g-nome1269d ago

Still the best racer i've played in years , better than Grid 1/2 for sure.