Zero Punctuation: Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Yahtzee reviews Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots: Tactical Espionage Action.

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Captain Tuttle3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Looking forward to the meltdown

NO_PUDding3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Been lookign forward to this, even if it is sickeningly critical.

EDIT: Watched and impressed, he doesn't like it, good for him! It's not like he wasn't accurate eitehr, he just doesn't take into accoutn it's the best writers in the Gamign industry and that it has a huge heritage, which instantly gives it a much better production value than most young'un games.

Superfragilistic3557d ago

I haven't watched it yet but this is easily the most anticipation I've ever had for a review ever. Back in 5! :)

Jack Meahoffer3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I personally find Zero Punctuation hilarious even when he trashes a game that I love. Its satire within the universe of video games and its great. Kind of like the The Daily Show for games...

While I love MGS4 and think its a masterpiece I was really looking forward Yahtzee's take on it. No matter what he said the brand worshipers would cry about it. I mean they basically internet lynched anyone that gave the game .2 less review than they wanted.

He could have just said "Masterpiece. Period." and they would have cried "Why such a quick review?... He gave Halo 3 a whole 1 minute 45 seconds but only gave MSG4 15 seconds! Bias! Must have been bribed by MS! I'll never go to his site again! WAAAH!"


thewhoopimen3557d ago

I always look forward to Yahtzee's review but this seems to be one of his less entertaining ones. I knew he was going to drill the long winded story but I dunno... the pace seemed slower and it wasn't as biting as I thought it would be. He probably rushed this one and couldn't rehearse his script enough lol.

Superfragilistic3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Okay got distracted by Gears... Awesome review. I love that guy. Makes us Aussies proud! :)

I can't help but laugh at the placement of a NG2 ad at the end of it though. The exclusive that went head to head with MGS4 and got resolutely owned (and yet I'm playing it right now on Level 9 :/)

callahan093557d ago

I don't think you need to know a damn thing about the Metal Gear mythos in order to appreciate the story of MGS4. It makes everything painfully obvious and clear, the story is so easy to get it boggled my mind, because I found MGS1 and 2 to be so complex it took me a ton of thinking, analysis, and replaying in order to fully get them. MGS4 was a cakewalk. Just watch, keep your eyes & ears open and the story is a cinch. So these reviewers who say they didn't get it or that if you never played the others (or didn't get the others) then this game will confound you, I think they're all just thick-headed morons who can't comprehend the most basic of exposition.

And I thought the gameplay kicked ass as well. It was fun, and I loved the controls, for both sneaking & action.

NO_PUDding3557d ago

He's English though.... makes me proud!

KidMakeshift3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

It's about time someone examined MGS4 more realistically than all these sensationalist reviews coming from everyone else

I thought the game was just okay. I think the cutscenes were nothing but self-absorbed tripe that didn't care about the actual players enjoyment. I really don't see what's so fantastic about the gameplay? It's still mechanical and lacking finesse. And what the hell are all these other reviewers talking about the gameplay drastically changing later on in the game? It never changes!

I thought MGS3 subsistence was the pinnacle of the series. It never over did it like 1,2, and 4

Enigma_20993557d ago

Is that basically your way of saying, "finally, someone else who didn't like it! Now I don't feel so alone anymore!"?

KidMakeshift3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )


And apparently, I'm not alone because gamers are actually playing MGS4 now instead of just praising it before experiencing it.

I was just commenting that Yahtzee is one of the few people with mainstream attention who can truly criticize a game without censorship or favoritism

callahan093557d ago

Are you guy kidding me? Or is this place just littered with fanboys who haven't even played the game? Because... seriously... 6 out of 7 of you disagreed with me that the story in MGS4 isn't very difficult to understand? I find that hard to believe.

It's all spelled out in plain freakin' english, people. What's so confusing?

KidMakeshift3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )


It wasn't basic exposition. It was nothing but messy prolonged exposition that went nowhere. The story took the longest way possible to explain something incredibly simple. That's not good writing.

My biggest problem is we criticize film makers like Michael Bay who create poorly constructed films with lots of exaggerated explosions and bad acting/dialogue, but praise MGS4 which is basically the same thing in Machinima form. Saying it's revolutionary and a benchmark for videogames. It's quite the opposite

callahan093557d ago

Basic exposition can be comprised of many things. It doesn't matter how many words were used, or what was said that may not have had to be said. What's important is that the story is told in a straightforward manner. THAT is basic exposition. It's not told in some flunky flukey flakey hallucinogenic psychadelic completely whacked out off-kilter off-the-wall freak-fest. It's all put out in front of you. Did I say the story was perfect? No I didn't. I said it's easy to understand, and it most certainly is. It's all straight forward, just listen carefully and it's all laid out for you.

Enigma_20993557d ago

... and say that with a straight face...

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Silogon3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

This guy just isn't funny. I mean, maybe it has something to do with Kotaku always endorsing him cause they're not funny, but this guy just isn't funny. Nothing he says applies to anything I think, feel or see in the games he plays.

Sorry. He reminds me, or they remind me of him, of Games blow and Angry Video game nerd.

I just don't like none of those guys I guess.

now I know why I don't like this guy. It's expected chaos, that's it! He was expected by his absurd fans, like many of you here, to do this. He's a fake, like Games blow, Like Avgn, and he only does these things for attention.

Now I understand why he means nothing.

poeo3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

why so negative?

and how can you not like AVGN? he's in no way irritating or an asshole. to me he seems like a great guy, even if some of his videos aren't that funny (to me most are though, heh).

therealwillie3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

seriously good luck with that.... being depressed and having nothing else to do but complain.... all the time, every story ive clicked on today... there you are... moaning

well ill complain too
anyways, not yahtzees best.. thought it would be funnier, seemed to keep going over the same points, maybe its just me though, and whats up with the jack thompson thing at the end of it

Silogon3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I don't hate the guy who plays AVGN I just don't like the show and the gimmick, I suppose. This guy is worse, though. He's just boring and not funny at all. He's like watching a stand up show consisting of Mike Myers, Adam Sandler and rob Schneider with special guest Will Farrell. Just not funny.

His opinions are to himself, but are they really? Are they really his opinions or are they his absurd characters opinions trying to get a rise out of gamers and in turn more hits and fame for him?

Who is to know?

I love how you all disagree just to disagree with me. If you see my name you auto hit disagree. Talk about a waste.

chasuk083557d ago

This guy isnt as funny as Avgn but hes still pretty funny. Avgn is not as funny as he used to be, watch silver surfer for classic avgn.

Bubble Buddy3557d ago

Siligon: Yeah that's how we do. We all disagree because every single comment you say is negative, except of course, to your idol, Xbox360. Before people complained Sony's high price, no games. Now that they fixed both, they're complaining about the game line-up will be trash. Just watch, MGS4 is the beginning...

vickers5003557d ago

People don't disagree with you because its you, they disagree with you because aside from 2 people, no one agrees with your opinion that yahtzee is boring and unfunny. Hes actually f*cking hilarious to most, but either comedy and laughing isn't one of your strongest suits, or you just have a different and worthless sense of humor.

KidMakeshift3557d ago

AVGN is alright. The whole "sh!t d!ck diarrhea" lines get pretty old after a few episodes, but him and Yahtzee are a million times better than Mega64. 1 out of 5 sketches from them is actually kinda funny.

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Boink3557d ago

another classic yahtzee!

resistance1003557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

lol got to love it, i love all his reviews, however never judge whenever i buy a game or not from them

Exile__3557d ago

Damn you beat me by 11 minutes.. just went to go post this.