On Moon Chronicles And The Wii U

Moon Chronicles may be headed to the Wii U. But is that the right choice?

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R00bot1301d ago

To put this game on the Wii U they would have to completely revamp it, basically start it over. I hear it's a good looking game on the DS/3DS but it will not stand up on the Wii U without being redone. Good luck to the devs, if they port it well then I'll buy it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1301d ago

Same here.
I didn't get it on the 3DS because I'm running out of space on my memory card, but if it came to the Wii U, I'd get it without a second thought.

Neonridr1300d ago

I picked up the first episode. Plays really well for a shooter on the 3DS. Never would have thought it would work with only the one control stick, but it plays pretty good.

I would be interested in a Wii U version if they started from scratch.

HavokPants1300d ago

i hope it has online multiplayer that would be awsome or a survival mode