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Denis Dyack - Are You For Or Against Too Human?

Denis Dyack, the big boss over at Silicon Knights has recently laid down the gauntlet and is now asking gamers whether or not they are "For" or "Against" upcoming RPG/action adventure game, Too Human. (Too Human, Xbox 360)

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Condoleezza Rice  +   2656d ago
I'm all for a great game
But I'm definitely against a RUSHED game.
The gaming GOD  +   2656d ago
I'm not so sure this was rushed though
They had over 10 years of development time. So if this turns out bad, it sure as hell can't be blamed on time constraint.
LaChance  +   2656d ago
How do you know its rushed ?
pwnsause  +   2656d ago
the game was running on UE3 until that lawsuit. thats how it was rushed
Winter47th  +   2656d ago
I am against Too Human's concept all together, with the development time SK had for this flop-in-the-making, they could'a made 2-3 games at the time, what's it been, a decade in the making? with EVERY-SINGLE-PREVIEW stating this game ain't nothing but a complete mess.

Shame, SK's been in my book ever since Eternal Darkness, had to confine'em selves with this tanker.
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HELLFIREV1  +   2656d ago
It has NOT been in developement for TEN YEARS(takes deep breathe).
1. It started as a PSone game then they joined Nintendo and it got put on hold as they made Eternal Darkness. Then they started up again but then dropped it to do Twin Snakes.
2. When split from Nintendo they started up again then had somw issues with the UE3 so did there own engine.

BTW Cant wait for this game.

Before you disagree look it up.
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The gaming GOD  +   2656d ago
But what you just said pretty much says it's been in development for that long. Just because the swapped systems time and again doesn't change the fact that this is the SAME game they've been working on. The game was originally shown in 1999. So that's 10 years
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HELLFIREV1  +   2656d ago
What i ment was in FULL development. OK my fault for stating that.
When i see people typing that this game has been in Development for ten years they SOMETIMES say it as meaning the FULL ten years when it has only in FULL deveolpment for if not half that.


BTW That is how you disagree. Disagree AND leave a reason why.
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whateveryousay  +   2656d ago
@Gaming God
That's correct. The moving from system to system doesn't negate the fact that it's been in development for about 10 years. Sure they stopped and started over time again. But it's still 10 years
kewlkat007  +   2656d ago
Condoleezza Rice
How the hell is this game rushed?

When it's been on and off with issues for like 10 fn years. I'm surprised they didn't can the damn thing.

Your being cynical..

SK should at least get some credit for sticking with it....
xhairs  +   2656d ago
It's, exhale, not excel. Lol.
IQUITN4G  +   2656d ago
eh rushed?
HELLFIREV1  +   2656d ago
Thanks for that. Hold my breathe for too long.
deeznuts  +   2656d ago
It's both vaporware and rushed at the same time. I know paradox.

But they just switched from UE3 to their own internal engine. we'll see how it all works out.
hack6464  +   2656d ago
I hope for dyack's sake that this game does not flop. I just don't see it being that successful.
Silogon  +   2656d ago
Wow, the desperation drips from this guy like his lonely tears drip from his eyes. He's a strange guy, man.
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Superfragilistic  +   2656d ago
The guy has gone to the wildest of gaming forums and started a thread that stakes his entire game and reputation on the line publicly before any gamers actually play it.

That's not desperation, that's a whole lot of cojones and a truckload of confidence! ;p
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Cryptkeeper  +   2656d ago
From the way you write no one could be stranger than you mate.

Anyhow I stand firmly with my decision of being against Sillyogon, and Too Human.
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Rims  +   2656d ago
What an idiot.
Shaka2K6  +   2656d ago
Looks like another xbug exclusive flop.
Just like trash effect.
zethos56  +   2656d ago
How is a 91 average a flop? All PS3 exclusives besides MGS4 must be flops then. And MGS4 has only a 93 average (Those 11 80-89% reviews really hurt)
poos3  +   2656d ago
haha gears of war 1 is rated higher than mgs4 so is halo 3 so is cod4 haha so tell me how can it get goty when its 93% on metacritic ? BTW FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FO RFO R
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The gaming GOD  +   2656d ago
I just read Dyack's post....
Let me just say he comes off as a bit of a crybaby. I mean come on, what the hell does the man expect?

1- Fans on both sides will always debate exclusives on said systems

2- Why shouldn't people have doubts about this game? It's been in development for so long. Not to mention the various cancellations and restarts of development. Which by the way are only magnified by the fact that they tried to blame Epic on their Unreal engine problems.

3- If he wants to b!tch and moan like this, why don't they put out a demo?

And of course he's going to be "For" Too Human. It IS his creation right? I mean geez

Here is an alternate source for the article:

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IQUITN4G  +   2656d ago
The Gameing God

The last bit where he says "for" is like a joke, clearly wasted on you

How old?
The gaming GOD  +   2656d ago

"clearly wasted on me"?

Oh I see, so THAT'S why he keeps arguing further on in the thread right?

How Old?
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RealityCheck  +   2656d ago
I agree, this game needs a demo, not some web challenge.
IQUITN4G  +   2656d ago
It still stands what i said, it would explain a lot of things though your not understanding
The gaming GOD  +   2656d ago
Then enlighten us oh mighty one
Tell us what is not being understood.
Superfragilistic  +   2656d ago
@Gaming GOD

The demo will be out by end of July. :)


I'm all for it if I get anything like the quality of Eternal Darkness, which Dennis recons they've exceeded with Too Human when on GAF he says "I certainly feel it is the best game we have ever made".... if that's the case I'm sold and he doesn't even need to ask! :)


I'm assuming people are giving me disagrees about me claiming the demo will be out by July 31st so I've attached the confirmation below. It will give the US almost three weeks to play and European gamers close to a month.

Direct from the horse's mouth

Here: http://www.eurogamer.net/ar...
& Here: http://xbox360.thegamerevie...

Can't wait! :)
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RealityCheck  +   2656d ago
I didn't disagree but Eternal Darkness was really good and Too Human is a different style altogether. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't compare the two.
Superfragilistic  +   2656d ago
I wasn't! Denis Dyack was! lol

Eternal Darkness was my favourite game of last gen. :)
tatotiburon  +   2656d ago
totally FOR!!
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2656d ago
Agreed. Totally FOR this game. I mean come on Silicon Knights have made some fantastic games and deserve the benefit of the doubt.

I really think they should just put out a demo and let people try it.
thenickel  +   2656d ago
I'm for it.
Obama  +   2656d ago
This is not a good sign. All the previews indicate that it's pretty boring.
Superfragilistic  +   2656d ago
Please link all such previews please. All the ones where journalist have had more than 15 minutes have been overwhelmingly positive since its showing at GDC 08.
kingme71  +   2656d ago
Feels like the 6th grade.
Do you like me (check one)?
o yes
o no
o Who the heck are you?
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okcomputer  +   2656d ago
lol true, bubbles for that one.
Skerj  +   2656d ago
I wonder if those notes still work.
Mr_Bun  +   2656d ago
That is funny!...he should just let the game (demo) speak for itself. So far, it has been the game critics that have given it bad reviews....not the gamers. The gamers seem to be for it (in general). Why is Denis acting so juvenile?
HELLFIREV1  +   2656d ago
Cant wait
For this. Loving what i'm seeing.

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Whoooop  +   2656d ago
How can someone be against a game that doesn't affect anything or anybody. These guys are working their @sses off to make a great game for their fans.

I personally don't like what I've seen and this game doesn't appeal to me. I do not own a 360, but if I did, I would pass on this game.

BUT.... There's no need for this. Just give your 100% on the development of the game and release it with the hope that people will like it.
SL1M DADDY  +   2656d ago
I'm for Too Human but...
Will rent it. Sorry, but ten years of developement spells trouble. I will give it a go but not my 60 dollars.
Skerj  +   2656d ago
I'm for it, I've been wondering what a decade of development time across 3 systems could produce. I preordered it when I picked up MGS4, but I'm going in with the lowest of expectations that way I'll be surprised regardless. So long as it's not as bad as T.R.A.G. or Men in Black for PS1.
RealityCheck  +   2656d ago
I also try to keep my expectations in check so as not to be disappointed. However I will rent first with the option to buy it if it is a keeper. It's risk management :)
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2656d ago
i'm not against devs trying their best to make a game.
but this game is just silly.i'll freely admit that i have no 360,at the moment,have no intention to buy 360 until RROD is fixed or buy this game.i can see gears as something i would play,but this game is just mediocre.

if you have to keep telling gamers that it will be great,but previews say otherwise,you blew it.and it should have been scrapped after having to change engines because of EPIC wanting to have the leading game and not give other devs current game making code.

if in ten years,you haven't come up with a direction or fun gameplay,stop fooling yourselves and start over.no one is saying this game was ten years in the making.what we are saying is...

in ten years it still looks like a poor idea poorly executed.

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GiantEnemyCrab  +   2656d ago
OH come on. Of course you are against it. You don't have one positive thing to say about the 360 and you always bash the system. Stop pretending to be a nuetral gamer when you aren't and at least have the balls to admit what you are.
Ashta  +   2656d ago
I love the "idea" of Too Human, but from what i've seen of the videos and screenshots I don't think that I would like the "actual" Too Human.

I could be wrong and the game just totally own when it releases, but I haven't seen anything in the game that has made me want to rush out and buy a 360.
Awesomeo3000  +   2656d ago
ive been against this game from the second i saw it on e3 it looked like a generic hack and slash and super sloopy
u got owned  +   2656d ago
Im for Too Human, cant wait.
IQUITN4G  +   2656d ago
Iv'e been mostly pro for this game for a long time only questioning this occasionally but hearing what the main man has said now makes me very confident it is indeed a great game

What he's done is also very clever, providing he's not insane
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RAM MAGNUMS  +   2656d ago
very flopable dvd game.
Shaka2K6  +   2656d ago
flops is what the xbox does best.
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2656d ago
Too Human?
I`m for it! Diablo style game playing with a friend by your side is a dream come true :P
PeeJee at Xboxkings  +   2656d ago
I disagree with you guys. It could be a big AAA game for this year!
heyheyhey  +   2656d ago
yeah.... so "could" 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

anything could....

that was such a generic comment
IQUITN4G  +   2656d ago
The gaming God

I'm guessing you didn't understand what i meant
Cryptkeeper  +   2656d ago
I stand firmly against this title. I think at very best it will get around 80% range if lucky. Most likely a metric in the 70's though, but only positive aspects due to the time, and money put into the scale of it.
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slugg  +   2656d ago
See my comment below, but...
How is an overall score of 80 bad? Most game devs would be thrilled at a metascore of 80, or even 75, so is that what the REAL argument is about? Does Too Human have to get an overall 90 or above to be a success? Even if it sell 2 million + copies?
Cryptkeeper  +   2656d ago
Never said an 80% was bad but I'd say a mediocre score of a low 70 isn't too optimal for a title of this proportion. I'm against because I'd assume a developer like SK could have done much more with the time spent from what I see.
#23.2 (Edited 2656d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
slugg  +   2656d ago
The way I see it...
Too Human, as an action RPG, is going to be a big game. Lots of customization, different classes, single player and co-op, etc. NO ONE but people at MS and Silicon Knights have played the whole thing, and yet people who get the chance to try it for even up to a couple hours write previews (both positive and negative) of a game that is still not "done" and is probably too large to make an educated opinion of. So I think that Mr. Dyak has every right to challenge nay-sayers, even those in the industry, that HAVE NOT ever played the game, or only a little bit of it, because, unfortunately, early opinions can sway people, as uninformed as those opinions might be.( On the opposite side of this type of argument, look at LAIR for the PS3. Fairly positive previews, lots of people bought it, but it turned out to be a mediocre game at best. Also see HAZE, VAMPIRRE RAIN, etc.) So, when the game comes out, people will PLAY the whole thing and then be able to rate it accordingly, reviews will be written online and in Gaming Mags, and the "truth" will be known. I, for one, state now that I am FOR this game and predict a Metascore around or above 85.
Jon Wonder  +   2656d ago
I also think that Too Human (like in those examples you mentioned) is grabbing more and more people's attention (some MAY call it hype, but most of it so far has been negative). This usually stirs up much controversy PRE-release and may let down a lot of people who were perhaps expecting too much. I commend the developers for premoting such a wide scope of customization and attacking classes for the gamer, but from what I've seen from trailers I'm a TAD worried about the storyline. Also was hoping for a versus multiplayer to be implemented and a 4 player coop.

I'm gonna go in expecting a decent game until I play the demo.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2656d ago
Whats this on my shoe? damnit I stepped in Droid sh!t!
heyheyhey  +   2656d ago
that's actually quite ironic since i just took the most giant dump known to man..

it took 4 flushes to get rid of... damn
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2656d ago
Scraape scraaape! won't come off, looks like I need to buy new shoes, that droid sh!t is like glue, it's always stuck to Xbox news. XD
THAMMER1  +   2656d ago
I'm all for Too Human.
I can not wait untill august. Tag me how you like.
Ri0tSquad  +   2656d ago
I'm all for it.
I hope it's as good as he says it is.
ChrisGTR1  +   2656d ago
i was actually thinking about getting this game back when it had 4 player coop. but not anymore.

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