Denis Dyack - Are You For Or Against Too Human?

Denis Dyack, the big boss over at Silicon Knights has recently laid down the gauntlet and is now asking gamers whether or not they are "For" or "Against" upcoming RPG/action adventure game, Too Human.

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Condoleezza Rice3621d ago

But I'm definitely against a RUSHED game.

The gaming GOD3621d ago

They had over 10 years of development time. So if this turns out bad, it sure as hell can't be blamed on time constraint.

LaChance3621d ago

How do you know its rushed ?

pwnsause3621d ago

the game was running on UE3 until that lawsuit. thats how it was rushed

Winter47th3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I am against Too Human's concept all together, with the development time SK had for this flop-in-the-making, they could'a made 2-3 games at the time, what's it been, a decade in the making? with EVERY-SINGLE-PREVIEW stating this game ain't nothing but a complete mess.

Shame, SK's been in my book ever since Eternal Darkness, had to confine'em selves with this tanker.

HELLFIREV13621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

It has NOT been in developement for TEN YEARS(takes deep breathe).
1. It started as a PSone game then they joined Nintendo and it got put on hold as they made Eternal Darkness. Then they started up again but then dropped it to do Twin Snakes.
2. When split from Nintendo they started up again then had somw issues with the UE3 so did there own engine.

BTW Cant wait for this game.

Before you disagree look it up.

The gaming GOD3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

But what you just said pretty much says it's been in development for that long. Just because the swapped systems time and again doesn't change the fact that this is the SAME game they've been working on. The game was originally shown in 1999. So that's 10 years

HELLFIREV13621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

What i ment was in FULL development. OK my fault for stating that.
When i see people typing that this game has been in Development for ten years they SOMETIMES say it as meaning the FULL ten years when it has only in FULL deveolpment for if not half that.


BTW That is how you disagree. Disagree AND leave a reason why.

whateveryousay3621d ago

That's correct. The moving from system to system doesn't negate the fact that it's been in development for about 10 years. Sure they stopped and started over time again. But it's still 10 years

kewlkat0073621d ago

How the hell is this game rushed?

When it's been on and off with issues for like 10 fn years. I'm surprised they didn't can the damn thing.

Your being cynical..

SK should at least get some credit for sticking with it....

xhairs3621d ago

It's, exhale, not excel. Lol.

HELLFIREV13621d ago

Thanks for that. Hold my breathe for too long.

deeznuts3621d ago

It's both vaporware and rushed at the same time. I know paradox.

But they just switched from UE3 to their own internal engine. we'll see how it all works out.

hack64643621d ago

I hope for dyack's sake that this game does not flop. I just don't see it being that successful.

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Silogon3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Wow, the desperation drips from this guy like his lonely tears drip from his eyes. He's a strange guy, man.

Superfragilistic3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

The guy has gone to the wildest of gaming forums and started a thread that stakes his entire game and reputation on the line publicly before any gamers actually play it.

That's not desperation, that's a whole lot of cojones and a truckload of confidence! ;p

Cryptkeeper3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

From the way you write no one could be stranger than you mate.

Anyhow I stand firmly with my decision of being against Sillyogon, and Too Human.

Shaka2K63621d ago

Just like trash effect.

zethos563621d ago

How is a 91 average a flop? All PS3 exclusives besides MGS4 must be flops then. And MGS4 has only a 93 average (Those 11 80-89% reviews really hurt)

poos33621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

haha gears of war 1 is rated higher than mgs4 so is halo 3 so is cod4 haha so tell me how can it get goty when its 93% on metacritic ? BTW FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FOR FO RFO R

The gaming GOD3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Let me just say he comes off as a bit of a crybaby. I mean come on, what the hell does the man expect?

1- Fans on both sides will always debate exclusives on said systems

2- Why shouldn't people have doubts about this game? It's been in development for so long. Not to mention the various cancellations and restarts of development. Which by the way are only magnified by the fact that they tried to blame Epic on their Unreal engine problems.

3- If he wants to b!tch and moan like this, why don't they put out a demo?

And of course he's going to be "For" Too Human. It IS his creation right? I mean geez

Here is an alternate source for the article:

IQUITN4G3621d ago

The Gameing God

The last bit where he says "for" is like a joke, clearly wasted on you

How old?

The gaming GOD3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )


"clearly wasted on me"?

Oh I see, so THAT'S why he keeps arguing further on in the thread right?

How Old?

RealityCheck3621d ago

I agree, this game needs a demo, not some web challenge.

IQUITN4G3621d ago

It still stands what i said, it would explain a lot of things though your not understanding

The gaming GOD3621d ago

Tell us what is not being understood.

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Superfragilistic3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

@Gaming GOD

The demo will be out by end of July. :)


I'm all for it if I get anything like the quality of Eternal Darkness, which Dennis recons they've exceeded with Too Human when on GAF he says "I certainly feel it is the best game we have ever made".... if that's the case I'm sold and he doesn't even need to ask! :)


I'm assuming people are giving me disagrees about me claiming the demo will be out by July 31st so I've attached the confirmation below. It will give the US almost three weeks to play and European gamers close to a month.

Direct from the horse's mouth

& Here: http://xbox360.thegamerevie...

Can't wait! :)

RealityCheck3621d ago

I didn't disagree but Eternal Darkness was really good and Too Human is a different style altogether. All I'm saying is that I wouldn't compare the two.

Superfragilistic3620d ago

I wasn't! Denis Dyack was! lol

Eternal Darkness was my favourite game of last gen. :)

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