Game Informer’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015

GameInformer- "If we could stare into the future and find out which games are going to turn out great, our jobs would be a lot easier. So many changes happen to a game in the final months before release that it’s quite common for a game-of-the-year candidate to come out of left field to surprise everyone. But until all of 2015’s games are finished, we can only guess at their final quality. However, that doesn’t stop our editorial team from doing what every gamer does: dreaming about awesome projects on the horizon."

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Forbidden_Darkness1233d ago

I can definitely agree with the entire list besides Evolve. After playing the alpha a bit, I just don't feel the game will ever justify my purchase. I would have either put The Order, Rime or Halo 5 instead.

Star Wars Battlefront worries me far too much for anticipation. Also, I don't believe Silent Hills will launch in 2015 anyways.

Spenok1233d ago

I pretty much agree with this entirely. Well. Said.

ABizzel11232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

Replace Evolve with Halo 5 / The Division / Persona 5 / Quantum Break / Final Fantasy 15 (if it happens) and I completely agree with this list.

Honorable Mentions:

Star Wars
Silent Hills
Star Fox

hardeepmeghera1233d ago

I for one feel evolve is an amazing game. Unique,fun and very much a team based game. Get a couple of friends on it and hunting down a monster becomes so much more fun.

ABizzel11232d ago

Amazing or good? In my eyes there's a big difference between the two.

It's a good game to me, but I can see it easily getting old fast. IMO it's a great $20 PSN / XBL game, but not a $60 game based off my time with the Alpha. They need tons of characters (I believe they said 12), monsters (I believe it's 4), content (thing to do while hunting the monsters, and more interaction with the wildlife), game modes, etc... for this to be a $60 game.

Otherwise it needs to end up like L4D and drop to $40 almost instantly at retail.

hardeepmeghera1232d ago

Good game most certainly. I mean it's just in it's alpha stages and there's bound to be so much more content to be added to the game. Like they said, more game modes and characters and even a single player campaign. To me, it seems pretty okay to price the game at 60 dollars given all these extra features are implemented in the final product.

CerealKiller1233d ago

I'm excited for Uncharted 4 and the new Red Dead game.

bauer0071233d ago

If Red Dead was coming next year, it would be announced already..

CerealKiller1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

It was hinted that it is coming out next year by the CEO on Take-Two's earnings conference call.

bauer0071231d ago

No it was hinted to be in development, very different to "coming out next year"

WeAreLegion1233d ago

I'm excited for No Man's Sky and The Witcher 3, but my excitement for Uncharted 4 is through the roof.

I'm surprised Halo 5 or Quantum Break weren't up there. Quantum Break is in my top five.

Metallox1233d ago

Arkham Knight, Zelda, Xeno X, Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 in terms of AAA games.

NeoGamer2321233d ago

I don't understand how Quantum Break didn't even get honorable mention...

Bloodbourne should be much higher.

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The story is too old to be commented.