The DualShock 4 Is The PlayStation 4's Achilles Heel

GameInformer- "After spending the majority of my time gaming on the Xbox 360 last generation, I find myself using the PS4 as my console of choice for third-party games these days. But if there's one area the console that needs improvement, it's the controller."

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Ballsack1229d ago

What a lame article

Ds4 is one of the best things about ps4.

How do these shite opinion articles get submitted

Ravenheartzero1229d ago


Learn the difference between fact and opinion.

DeadRabbits1229d ago

I have been playing Titanfall on PC with the DS4 and it just feels RIGHT!
The only thing overrated is this authors opinion of his own opinion!

Mr_Writer851229d ago


The DS4 is by far their best controller, after a week
I couldn't go back to DS3.

And whilst the title of the article is very click bait he does make at least two good points.

The battery life isn't great, thankfully I have two controllers and a Vita so I can use remote play when I forget to charge them both.

And one of my DS4s has the stick wearing problem which is a bit disappointing.

I havnt come across the third one the sticky and breaking triggers.

Although not the PS4's Achilles heel (many would argue that's PSN) there are at least two things that hopefully Sony will improve on.

DS4 2.0 with better rubber grips and three times as much battery life would make the DS as near to perfect as you can.

randomass1711229d ago

@mikeslemonade Subjective statement painted as objective fact. Nice try.

ManiacMansion1229d ago

The best thing about the DS are the triggers and the 6-8 hours battery life /s

Lets be honest, Sony forces ppl to buy a second controller. I dont know ONE person with a PS4 with only 1 controller... and not becasue of playing with 2 ppl on one console.. its just becasue its pissing ppl on to charge every 6 -8 hours.

When i put 2500 mAh batteries into my xone pad it held 72 hours in a row!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1229d ago

The only flaw the DS4 has is battery life, however the DS4's internal battery is better than having to spend money on batteries or a "charge & play kit" like you'd have to do with Xbox One controllers.

Other than the battery life, I haven't had any problems with the DS4 and I have two. I'm just wondering how people can wear down the composite material on the control sticks with just their thumbs. Thumb calluses perhaps?

Volkama1229d ago

Article is a bit rubbish.

I definitely prefer the xbox one controller just for comfort, but that's purely my preference rather than it being objectively superior.

If the DS4 has a weakness it's the stupid light.

I also don't feel the touchpad is a particularly worthwhile addition, but it doesn't really do any harm either (except possibly to the price).

donthate1229d ago

The article is actually addressing issues I heard repeatedly, so it is just not anecdotal evidence around the office.

The glaring low battery problem is due to the touch pad. The annoying blinking light show thats a little bit of battery juice but very litte.

The other issues, thumbstick problem and the poor quality triggers is well documented here on n4g and elsewhere.

So no, it isn't a lame article. It informs people that most likely these issues are covered by warranty due to poor quality.

Ironic, since it is Sony. They generally make good quality hardware.

Gaming247allday1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

DS4 is a poorly made Controller, between having to stick pencil lead in between the triggers, and the rubber wearing off on the thumbsticks + the battery life, this controller severly lacks in overall build quality

Apparently Microsoft spent 100 Million Dollars on their Xbox One Controller and it is said to last up to ten years on average, more info here:

incredible differences that still put Xbox One's Controller on top, you Sony fans may enjoy the PS4 Controller, but maybe that's because you came off playing the dreaded PS3 Controller for the past 7 Years, something to think about.....

JudgmentJay1229d ago

Always loved the Ds controllers but the ds4 controller does have it's faults.

For example the sticky triggers that alot of people are having big problems with(myself included), and the too easily worn down rubber on the sticks. As soon is they fix this and battery capacity it will dominate yet again

kenshiro1001229d ago

I love my DS4. I use it for my fighting games and its amazing.

MysticStrummer1229d ago

This reminds me of the article saying Driveclub is PS4's biggest liability. If these are indeed PS4's biggest problems, XB1 is totally screwed this generation. I'm loving both the new controller and Driveclub, except I'd like to turn off that damn light unless a game uses it for a good purpose. The battery life is short, but I don't have a problem charging while I'm playing until I get a second controller.

Septic1229d ago

Why is the article lame? He just highlighted 3 negative points of the controller, which quite a few people have encountered. The title is a bit sensationalist though. The reactions here are way overblown.

The battery life is the killer for me. Its terrible.

MarkusMcNugen1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


"The only flaw the DS4 has is battery life, however the DS4's internal battery is better than having to spend money on batteries or a "charge & play kit" like you'd have to do with Xbox One controllers."

You must not have heard about rechargeable batteries. That's the third option that costs very little and still gets the Xbox One controller great battery life. I use them in all of electronics to save money.

DOMination-1228d ago

Its a great controller. Only negative is the pathetic battery life.



Well, for a whole year I thought exactly the same, than out of the blue BOTH my DS4s had the problem, on the same side and even on the same spot (lower left on left stick).

Now that I had personally seen it, it's obvious how it happens. The rubber is not that thick and the plastic part inside the stick caps have a raised ring somewhat "sharp" (it have an angle) crest pointing upwards, probably it's there to better secure the rubber cap. So I assume that as you press on the sticks over time, it cuts from the inside just under the outer ringer, separating it from the inside circle. It shows no signs of the problem before it happens, the middle of the analog caps may have the texture somewhat worn out, but that's not where it breaks, so it doesn't seen to be caused by external effects alone... However, as it took some so little time to happen, while other lasted so much longer and yet others that also bought on launch have not had the problem at all, I assume how hard you press on it also determine the durability (I use a very light grip and I don't hold down on the L3 button pressed to run in shooters and what not, I just tap it down and release a little, which I guess is why my lasted for so long while most of my friends had bought some cap cover months after release).

I gotta say through, as pissed off as I was at first, so far it's not even noticeable while playing, I can't feel a difference (through I don't know if it will get worse as more of the rubber ring separates from the main part). I'll probably get it fixed eventually (either by using a cap cover or by switching the whole analog as I've seen some nice option to customize my controllers), but it's not something I'm in a rush to take care of.

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joab7771229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I agree with the stick material but c'mon...the rest is absurd...or trivial at best.

It's my favorite controller ever made. And Achilles heel? Like this is where xbox should aim to completely destroy Playstation forever? What? That doesn't even make sense.

So, fixing a couple minor issues would be like Achilles wearing a metal guard...or having no weakness at all. He would be invincible. I guess I like the comparison now. Fix these minor issues Sony and according to this author, you will destroy everything in your path with little to no resistance.

caseh1229d ago

The battery is a major gripe of mine, it lasts like 6 hours off a full charge. In comparison the DS3 pad lasted about 4 times as long, a full charge would endure a week of heavy usage.

Pad design is better but the battery is terrible.

AndrewLB1229d ago

The peeling thumb-stick is a lot more common problem than I think people are willing to admit. A simple google search will find images of thousands of messed up controllers.

My brother has a PS4 and his controllers are always running out of juice. Correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't the DS4 use a 1350mah Li-ion 3.7v battery? Had they designed it in a way to utilize a cylindrical battery, I would have had the best candidate for a battery mod. I use Li-ion 18650 batteries for both my flashlights and for vaping and the ones i'm currently loving are the same 3.7v, but are 3400mAh. That would last for almost a week.

freshslicepizza1229d ago

i like it much better than the ds3. aside from maybe the battery life i don't see any major issues and besides, it comes with a built in rechargeable battery.

d0x3601229d ago

I haven't had any issues with the triggers but the analog sticks are awful. Not only does my thumb slip off them but they are starting to wear and considering I use my x1 about 10x more than my ps4 that's an issue. The battery life is also pretty bad. I replace the batteries or charge the batteries in my x1 controller about 1/4 as often despite using it way more.

Build flaws aside I'm not a fan of the deadzones in the sticks or triggers. They improved it significantly over the ps3 but its still an issue. My biggest complaint is placement. I don't like the sticks next to each other.

At the end of the day the ds4 is by far my fav Sony controller but it still doesn't compare to the x1 or 360 controllers for comfort and accurate control. Sony can fix most of the issues pretty easy but they probably won't since the fanboy brigade will never admit to flaws so why should Sony fix them?

Ju1228d ago

The sticks have already been fixed. Later iterations don't have a rubber coating but are on piece of plastic.

dontbhatin1228d ago

Sounds like an Xbot made this article referring to L1 and R1 as "bumpers" they have always been called "shoulder buttons" in my lifetime. But im just nitpicking just like the OP was in the article.

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madmonkey011229d ago

i have no problem with the battery life, as i am never on it long enough to go flat in one session, so i just recharge it. but you can charge it whilst playing anyway so it is not an issue.

ovnipc1229d ago

The ds4 its awesome, actually its one of the things i lioe more about the ps4, but my only complain its the battery life on it sucks.

jc121229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I generally like the Dualshock 4. I've never used a more ergonomic or comfortable controller in my life.

That being said, it does have its fair share of issues. I have to charge the thing constantly; I mean, ALL the time! The light bar really only serves one purpose: drain battery life.

And perhaps the biggest problem - at least for me - has been the sticky triggers; they always break. I'm on my 3rd controller in less than a year, all because the internal pins break and the trigger stays depressed, rendering the whole controller useless.

illAmpRefugee1229d ago

Idk i love the ds4 think its a great controller but honestly the x1 and 360 controller fit my hands better i think its the joy sticks being so close it seems to irritate me after a while of playing but idk it seems like my left thumb wants 2 rest on the ps d-pad after playing awhile so as far as ergonomics ms imo has a better controller SLightly(note the ds4 is still comfortable and good controller imo way better than the ds3) but my hands getting uncomfortable from playing could just be because my muscles hate staying still for hrs at a time cause the ds4 is about the same size as x1 controller. Im buying some play buds soon anyways think it will help

DeadManMMX1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I got 2 at launch and one has a sticky R1 button and I switch off between two. The battery is ridiculous when I can fall asleep with the DS3 on and wake up with it still on and still with 3 bars. I like the DS4 a lot it feels good a step up from DS3 in form but I love the X1 controller more. I use rechargeable batteries and switch when they go low (every 20 hours or so). Literally no complaints on it. DS4 just needs a battery upgrade and a lil bit better build quality to it. We'll probably get this around the time a slim comes out. I am pissed about this R1 button though.

Eddie201011229d ago

This is bull, haven't heard any complaints about sticky bumpers or broken triggers and the problem with the sticks has long been fixed and only a small number of people had that problem anyway, I have a launch controller and there is nothing wrong with the rubber on the sticks. Yes the battery life is short for the PS4 controller(6 to 8 hours) but it is not a extra cost for rechargeability like it is for Xbox One controllers, the rechargeable battery doesn't last that much longer on the Xbox One controllers. Battery's seem to last much longer but at the cost of having to buy battery's.

A lot of bull [email protected] going around this month.

jc121228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

You haven't heard any complaints about sticky bumpers or triggers on the DS4? Are you living under a rock? I myself am on my 3rd controller in just 11 months!

DS4 is a big step up from DS3 in terms of comfort, but from a quality standpoint, it needs some refinement.

Pogmathoin1228d ago

DS4 is a major improvement on the previous, but many of the points made here are valid. The thumbs do wear down easily, battery life is non existent.... Take the criticism, you people are truely sad.... If PS4 was so perfect, why are you here all day long knocking X1...... Pathetic. PS4 achilles is the sad fanboy base the world knows about.... Your the industries achilles.....

assdan1228d ago

I don't think the writer of this article knows the story of Achilles.

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Big_Game_Hunters1229d ago

Nah Ps4's Achilles heel is lack of high rated games.
Sony promised 20 exclusive games and 5 new IPs in 2014 for the PS4.
So far, nothing has been delivered.

Orbilator1229d ago

Dualshock 4 is best pad I have ever used. Lame article.

At BGH its a bit early to be trolling bud.

perdie1229d ago

notice on the second picture the ps4 has the highest average of all the exclusives.

Big_Game_Hunters1229d ago

notice that was for 2013 and ps4 had 29 games. trust me the list looks much different now.

younglj011229d ago

Lol..think about the lead Sony would have if they had that many exclusives in one year..?

guyman1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

awesome stuff, even though samurai warriors is an october ps4 exclusive that received a good score and is really fun. Little big planet 3 is coming this month and February is going to be a bigger month for the ps4 than october or november is the for the xbox one. Add in Resogun - which is the highest rated exclusive between both consoles - the last of us remastered, infamous second son, and this makes your biased point invalid.

Another thing: just because a game is highly rated, does not mean it is good i.e. titanfall. The game is really a fast paced, call of duty style run-of-the-mill shooter with mecs.

However, with sunset overdrive, which i believe deserves nothing less than 85%, is easily the best exclusive between the 2 consoles. Little big planet 3 and halo MCC are going to be stellar.

sin72791229d ago ShowReplies(1)
psyrakan1229d ago

Mlb the show 2014 ,83/100 , infamous second son 80/100 or Last of us remastered 95/100 those must be xbox or nintendo exclusives right ?

Mr_Writer851229d ago

Errrmmm Driveclub has a metascore of 70

Not a massive difference but if your first pic is BS maybe your other that has PC as having 40 plus 75 score exclusives should also be called into question.

Big_Game_Hunters1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

the first pic is for 2013... the October pic was from day one meta scores the difference in quality is still the same between the games

Christopher1229d ago

Cherry picking stats to suit your argument. You'd fit right in with politicians.

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franwex1229d ago

Kinda agree about the stick though. It does wear out easily. Not N64 bad, but it could be better.

Bennibop1229d ago

Sony sorted out the rubber months ago.

cell9891229d ago

Lol slow news day. The controller is perfect, must we all be picky obnoxious people? #firstworldproblems

jrshankill1228d ago

Yeah the controller doesn't bother me at all...

Lack of good exclusives, broken firmware updates and PSN downtime does.