AAA Devs Should Take Note, Bayonetta 2 Raises the Bar

If a good game has ever been reason enough to buy a console, Bayonetta 2 is that game. It’s now the gold standard I will personally be using to judge all other games. While not perfect by any means, it is the most complete video game I’ve ever played. I’ve never believed a 10/10 game exists, but if any game has ever truly earned such a lofty rating, Bayonetta 2 is that game.

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ritsuka6661297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

AAA games suck, they're just targeted at casual games usually, since the majority of gamers in this days are casuals. It's why consoles sell so well.

PlebeGamer1297d ago

AAA games aren't inherently bad, but the culture they've put in place is ruining the industry. Until advertising loses its potency and fans stop accepting yearly installments with little to no positive change, we have to rely on indies to fill the gaps left by the "B tier" games. Games like the original Banjo-Kazooie, Croc, Spyro, Fighting force, and Bust-a-Groove. These games that were nowhere near as large in scale but packed with fun.

ritsuka6661297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

double post. sorry.

Bubbamilk1296d ago (Edited 1296d ago )

Bought bayo 2 yesterday, and its even better than I expected.

Was a bit upset because the manager of the gamestop tried to talk me out of buying it!!!!! He told me it sucked and that someone bought it and brought it back the next day. He even stopped talking to another customer to tell me that, I had someone else cashing me out.

It didn't really upset me until I got to my car. Why are gamestop managers intentionally going out of their way to ensure Nintendo doesnt sell a critically acclaimed game. Not to mention after that he told me I should buy the dlc for cod aw instead. So I argued with him for a minute. Why would I spend 50 dollars on extra content fr a game when I could spend the same amount of money for 2 games in one. His response was for 2 shit games? Yeah I'd go with the dlc.

I laughed in his face, told him he was full of shit, called him a fanboy, and purchased my bayonetta 2. If anyone has issues with the fact that gamestop managers are stamping out possible sales for Nintendo the exact location is belle isle gamestop okc, ok

PlebeGamer1296d ago

The problem with some Gamestop employees is that they're fanboys. I'm not surprised he tried to talk you out of it when there's the distinct possibility he's one of the illiterate butt-hurt that think Nintendo did the gaming community a disservice by saving the franchise.

N4g_null1295d ago

Yeah this is why I go digital. Nnid games will complete this. I never have to go to game stop again. This is happening a lot. Thanks for sharing.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1296d ago

Enjoying it a lot much better than the first which is saying since Bayonetta is amazing. Im knn Chapter XVI.

Gameboy451295d ago

I'm enjoying this phenomenal game