Ishihara wants the Pokemon games to be enhanced with latest tech, communication is key

The Pokemon Company president has teased the future of the games

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Snookies121357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Latest tech would mean the Wii U. I'm just kind of tired of seeing them playing it safe all the time. Make something impressive please, I've been a fan of the games since the original Red/Blue/Green versions. I want to see the series actually 'evolve', not just 'level up' with every game.

R00bot1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Can you imagine a pokemon game on the wii u similar to Xenoblade Chronicles X in scope? That would be crazy, they could completely revamp the combat system whilst still keeping the elemental powers and the game could possibly be the greatest pokemon game ever.
Perhaps they could keep the old combat on handheld systems and the new combat on home consoles.
Could be awesome and I hope they're making one for Wii U :DDD

HexxedAvenger1357d ago

I don't think my body would be ready for something of that magnitude.... o-o

-Foxtrot1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I think the hardest part of making a Wii U game is what way they would take it

Would it just be like the handheld games in terms of it's layout but on a much bugger scope

Would it be like Elder Scrolls where once you leave the first town you are free to explore the entire you could go to the last gym town if you wished (and get your ass kicked because your not strong enough).


Would it be a mixture a both, it's more open then the handheld games but it still has a layout which makes you progress in order from town to town until you get to the last gym.

Honestly if they do a Wii U version they'd be better off making a console remake of the handheld games

You know how they've remade Red and Blue with Fire Red and Leaf Green and Gold/Silver with Heart Gold, Soul Silver well why don't they use the third game (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald etc) as a remake for consoles. It's not like they can do the "two version" plan they use for handhelds, people would want everything in one game. I really would like to see the Kanto region in it's 3D glory :)

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George Sears1357d ago

A 3D Pokemon game has endless possibilities but would also be a huge risk judging by how huge the franchise is and how bad it would be to mess it up. People have been clamoring for such a game for years now and I know that Nintendo can make a great game if they ever decide to do one.

HexxedAvenger1357d ago

I agree with you dude and I feel the same way. I have the same discussion with one of my close friend. And he always says they did try it, and that game was Pokemon XD. That, PXD was an experiment to see how a pokemon rpg on the consoles would be.

ABBAJESUS1357d ago

Funniest pokemon game that i have played in 5 years was Original Twitch plays pokemon stream. :)