Nintendo is Putting its Back Into Pushing the Wii U

The latest Nintendo Investors Meeting has come and gone, and thanks to our friends at neogaf we’ve had a steady stream of Q&A translations that show Nintendo has been doing a little future proofing and isn’t quite ready to give up on the Wii U.

It seems Nintendo is trying to get some third party assistance, if not with games directly then with the production of assets and cut-scenes to help speed up their ability to release games of Nintendo quality in a prompt and swift manner. Miyamoto also claimed that a lot of the growing pains from their first experiences with new developmental techniques are behind them, and now that they have a better base of knowledge there should be far less delays than previously experienced. This is great news because a large problem with the Wii U was the crippling delays of first party titles when the system was already suffering from a lack of third party support.

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franwex1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Games on the WiiU have this element of fun that somehow I cannot find in other systems. Also, it's hard to buy a third party port when the first party games are so well made and fun.

PlebeGamer1327d ago

It doesn't help that the ports were almost universally shovelware. Nintendo fans appreciate quality, so if you put real effort into your port it will do decently, but that's rarely the case. The least popular system always gets the inferior ports.

MasterCornholio1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

"The least popular system always gets the inferior ports."

That didn't happen with the first Xbox.

I think you mean that the weakest system gets the worst version of ports. Popularity affects the amount of support the system gets from 3rd party developers.

P.S I'm speaking in general the Wii was a fad among casuals in my opinion.

R00bot1327d ago

If the weakest console got the worst ports then the PS2 would have sucked.

Joey_Leone1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I have to agree with mastercornhulio, you nintendo fans need to face the facts and realize that the Wii-U is a flop, keep it up with the denial. Sooner or later more fans are going to realize that they're missing out on a lot of games, and decide to leave. All Nintendo has left to make plenty of profit is the from the handheld 3DS, how will that last? I recently helped my little cousin install Minecraft Vita Edition along with youtube and he's in love with it, i see him playing it everyday and he doesn't even touch his 3DS anymore. Sooner or later Cell phones WILL take over, that is why Nintendo has been talking about the phone market lately. Quit the denial, complain to them and save your favorite company.

MasterCornholio1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )


Out of the three the PS2 got the worse version of multiplats. I owned one but I dont have any problems in admitting that the Xbox and GameCube were more powerful than it.

The reason why it was such a fantastic console was because of the incredible amount of games that it got.

PlebeGamer1327d ago


You're really off base. Nobody is denying the Wii U has done poorly, and I'm not advocating only having a Wii U.

The Wii U needs games to be a success. Regardless of what happens with other consoles, the Wii U can be a profitable venture. All a video game fan should want is success on all fronts. As long as Nintendo can make a profit from their games fans should be happy because it means those games will continue into the future.

Let's not try to turn Nintendo doing good things and improving the value of an already great system into a p*s*ing match, okay?

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3-4-51327d ago

Lots of Wii U games have that fun factor from games back from the N64 days. Hard to explain really, but I've experienced it with a few games on Wii U.

Smash & Captain Toad look to continue this.

PlebeGamer1327d ago

Third parties often develop for a platform that's either easier to develop for or more popular. Luckily for them, the console that's easier to develop for is often the most popular because of their games.

The PS3 was the stronger of the two systems, excluding the Wii here because it required its own specialized ports do to the relatively weak hardware, but it constantly got inferior ports of games because it was difficult to develop for and had a much smaller install base than the 360 in the beginning. There are odd ducks here and there, but that's how things generally work.

Besides, the Wii U had better capabilities than 7th gen consoles and still had some inferior ports to them.

Emme1327d ago

I have played bith AC 3 and 4 on the Wii U, and they didnt feel worse than 360 or PS3.
Darksiders 2 made more sense on Wii U because of the gamepad, as did ME3 and Deus Ex.
I wouldnt call them shovelware, like I wouldnt call Kingdoms of Amalur that way because it lacks fullscreen blooming completely on PS3 which makes it less moody.

kakashi811327d ago

Actually Black flag looks almost on par with PS4/Xbxone versions.

Bubbamilk1327d ago

I couldn't see the difference at all actually. Looks and plays even better on the gamepad too. Which is perfect when my lady is playing an online shooter or watching tv. It's great to play something with substance, not just some indie or cheap cell phone game, on a portable screen, and black flag on the wii u easily holds its own to the ps4 version.

Trolltroll1326d ago

The only flaws I saw was the lack of DLC anounced before the game launched (ac:bf)
the only other thing I noticed is when playing in off tv mode the frame rate smoothed out. I would play in off tv mode even when I had the tv avalable. I bought it for 30 bucks new and it was the best AC game I have played.