Let’s Manga PS Vita Game Removes Drawing on Touchscreen because of “Shady Stuff People Could Draw”

Granzella’s upcoming Manga Creator game Let’s Manga’s (Manga Kakeru in Japanese) Twitter page answered some of the fans questions recently. One of them asked if players will be able to draw on the touchscreen and they responded by saying that the feature was unfortunately removed because of the “shady stuff people could draw”.

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Snookies121382d ago

Um, what? LittleBigPlanet is rated E, and you can use the creation tools in that to do some really foul things. Just because some people might draw explicit things, you shouldn't remove the feature and screw over everyone else.

Skate-AK1382d ago

Right? Have have seen some pretty explicit emblems made in BO1&2. I know the game is rated M but still.

ashen1221382d ago

whaaaat drawing shady stuffs the fun part 8---->

Sketchy_Galore1382d ago

Good idea. The day Manga becomes an outlet for the sick sexual perversions of a heavily sexually repressed culture is the day.... who did what to the what now?

WitWolfy1382d ago

Might as well stop the Wii U community doing it too then.. God knows what shady things they could draw!!!


arbitor3651382d ago

well damn. you just alienated 90% of your audience. good job.

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The story is too old to be commented.