PlayStation 4: Seriously, Why Did We Have to Wait So Long for MP3/CD Support?

Geekparty's Tim Evans ruminates about the time it took for Sony to get on the right track with their approach to music.

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JoGam1298d ago

Why did we have to wait so long? Does it matter now?

BoNeSaW231298d ago

He raises the question. You dismiss it. Why?

And YES, it does matter!

joel_c171298d ago

Why does it matter? People love to bitch - if you wanted to play cds buy a xbone or STFU

Jaqen_Hghar1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

It's in the past like all those 180s. Or should we keep bringing those up? Can't have it both ways.

N4GDgAPc1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

or use any other device they already have which I bet 95% people have that play a lot of video games.

I got so many devices that would play mp3 I don't even need it for ps4.

mikeslemonade1298d ago

Even my toaster has those capabilities. Why do I need it on everything. Focus on game development.

cell9891298d ago

People love to whine for anything, first because we don't have it now we have it and here we go

freshslicepizza1298d ago

sony made playing music cd's on the first playstation a great option. then they added the ability to also play dvd's on the ps2 and people loved that. once the ps3 came out they gambled on bluray and that too was adopted so we could play music, dvd's, bluray movies and games all in one entertainment centre. now you are telling people to stop whining about playing your own music even though the ps4 has an optical drive, can play movies and dvd's, all while also offering a music store for listening to tunes? ok, sounds reasonable.

nosferatuzodd1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Boy the xbox wsrriors are hard at work this week it take you this long to talk about mp3 wait since your on ancient topic should we go back to talking about why microsoft want drm on their system all over again or why the xbone can barely do 1080p even
cod isn't 1080p on xbox should we talk about that or should we let by gones be by gones
Youre choice

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1297d ago

Some people will argue about the silliest things and this article definitely fits into the category of "silliest things."

LOL_WUT1297d ago

They should add a search button or let us edit our songs was disappointed when I had to run down a list of 2000 songs ;)

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MRMagoo1231298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Exactly, I can understand people complaining before hand, I didnt care myself but some people wanted music on the ps4 while playing games, but now it is here I dont get the point in complaining that it took too long, its here and thats that. I guess we will be getting some more articles soon asking why we cant make ice cream with it next because a couple of people like to eat while playing.

It seems "Gamers" today and I use that word "gamer" very very VERY loosely are just whiny babies, as soon as something doesnt happen the way they want they spit the dummy and cry.

Next it will be waaaaa I dont like using my fingers when will games read my mind sony is taking too long making mind reading possible in games.

solidt121298d ago

It never matter. Who are these people that care about playing a music on a PS4 on a new gaming system that much. I agree that its a feature the system should have but I will probably never play a cd or mp3 on the PS4. I bought PS3 at launch never put a CD in it. I have played MP3's sometimes while doing something around the house but I have a iphone so it is not a big deal. I just can't believe people still even care about this feature.

FanboyKilla1298d ago

Its here now soooooo?? Why complain about how long it took? I know, I know, because you cant complain about not having it anymore. Its in the past. Lets move forward.

How about, hey sony, you think you can make sure to have our next update ready before the next gen? Appreciate what youve done, but honestly, the needle didnt even moove. Check yo self b fo you wreck yo self. Lol or something like that.

uth111298d ago

yes it matters, because obviously none of us were able to listen to any CDs or MP3s for a whole year because of it!


remixx1161298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Think about it bro, if you fix and issue people have with your product, they will then search for something else to complain about. I understand the mp3 support thing was bs on sonys part but hey when its fixed its fixed so stop worrying about it.

I cant stand when sony fanboys constantly bring up the xbox drm thing, okay we get it ms tried to screw us but its over now try and let it go. MS changed along with the xbox for the better.

Please people stop bitching about things after its been addressed unless it is something we REALLY need like the wii's terrible network functionality and friend code system, but come on " mp3 support" really. I mean come on a 50 dollar phone can do it why does a GAMING SYSTEM need to, it just doesn't seem like a priority.

So stop complaining about features that don't really matter to gaming or that half of you idiots aren't even gonna use, especially if its been added.

I want to see more features like shareplay, remote play and snap tv.

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TheJacksonRGN1298d ago

You finally have what you want, and you are still acting sour? It does not matter. Focus on what other features that are yet to come.

BoNeSaW231298d ago

This was a feature "yet to come". Why not discuss it when it finally arrives?

Defensive a little bit? Why?

Eonjay1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Because most people considering discussing a feature... actually discussing the feature and not the lack of the feature itself. No one likes a someone who is completely insatiable and a chronic complainer... try it in a relationship and see how it works.

Its like you are dating someone and they keep pestering you about something and then you fix it and then they complain about you not doing it in the past. If this describes your relationship, you may be dating a miserable person. Switch.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Who gives a sh*t about music support when there's bluetooth speakers and devices that can easily play music with or without cables. I didn't buy a PS4 to play music, watch tv, or surf the web, I bought a PS4 because I know that it WILL be the platform that WILL have the LARGEST LIBRARY OF GAMES to choose from.

If you're looking for games that will provide unique and new experiences that you will never see anywhere else, there's only one platform that has a track record of consistently providing players with these "one of a kind" experiences,

Astroturf that...

XtraTrstrL1298d ago

Well, I'm happy mp3 support is here, but it's still baffling that local mp3 support isn't here with the player.

I still am convinced that DLNA isn't here yet almost solely because they want to push Music/Video Unlimited subscriptions as hard as they can before finally giving in and letting us stream our own stuff.

I do like the more responsive OS though, even in crappy COD: Ghosts, you get in/out of the dashboard/share menus much quicker now.

MysticStrummer1298d ago

So you could complain about it, of course. Duh.

n1kki61298d ago

It would be nice to have custom playlists.

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