Zoe Quinn isn't going anywhere and neither is Gamergate

It’s no secret Zoe Quinn has aligned herself with the feminist movement to further her own ambitions. In the same realm it comes as no surprise that she’s following the planogram of Anita Sarkeesian, as well as Brianna Wu who have made it clear that they want more inclusive games created for women. Now lets break down why this does, and doesn't make sense and how they have contradicted themselves several times this month alone.

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jc485731381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

Less talk more action.

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Deadpool6161381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

*sigh*....are they STILL doing this?!

DeadRabbits1380d ago

I'm just a 35 year old male gamer and I am not going anywhere either. Just let me play my games in peace to get away from all the shite for a while!!!!!

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Godmars2901381d ago

We are talking about someone who made and "sold" a *FREE* game, right? A free game which only received any notoriety because of the questionable circumstances it was reviewed under.

TheWackyMan1381d ago

Depression quest is a game?

Amuro1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

to this date no one knows how that thing even made it through Steam's greenlight. I mean, that game's practically a power-point presentation with a couple of "if" statements and that is it.

And to make it worse... It won a few awards only god knows how. Rumor has it that many of the judges were friends of her and even had money on her patreon.

WeAreLegion1381d ago

I started dealing with depression a little over a year ago. I had Depression Quest recommended to me by a friend. I understand the reason it was made, but the options are ludicrous.

Fairchild Channel F1381d ago

I didn't have depression UNTIL I played Depression Quest. Now I'm in therapy 5 days a week because I just cannot get past the fact that I'll never get back the 5 minutes I wasted on it. Those 5 minutes are gone man. They're just gone *sob*

But I try and stay positive between my thorazine doses and shock treatments.

Godmars2901381d ago

As I understand it, a which was submitted a second time after being rejected. With Quinn getting some depression related site into trouble because they had some criticisms regarding the game. Which she took as personal threats.

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JohnathanACE1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )


Did it actually help? From the look of it, that game would just make you more depressed.

Fireseed1381d ago

"because of the questionable circumstances it was reviewed under."

I've asked this countless times but... what review?!?!

TheJacksonRGN1381d ago

Keep giving them attention and of course they won't.

ziggurcat1381d ago

i think it's time to stop approving articles that involve her, and sarkeesian...

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