IGN - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

Brian Albert writes: "Simply throwing a robot suit onto Call of Duty could have been a lazy path to making Advanced Warfare seem different from what we’ve played before, but the way Sledgehammer has integrated its enhanced abilities and choices into every aspect of how we fight went above and beyond. By designing the levels in the campaign, co-op, and multiplayer to facilitate those new mechanics, Advanced Warfare is granted a weight and importance that changes how the fast-paced shooting action feels in all three modes. This is a Call of Duty game to its core, but one that rehashes as little as possible while still retaining its strengths."

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christocolus1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

Nice review.i swore i wouldnt pick up any cod game after ghost but i see sledgehammer has been able to turn things around with this entry.

Great job guys. Great job. Definitly picking up my copy next week.

Ripsta7th1385d ago

Thats what they all say, yet after a month well have them back complaining how the game is the same and how much they hate it

-Foxtrot1385d ago

Expect an article from them or a video "looking back" on it.

It always happens

Forn1385d ago

Haven't bought a CoD game for 6 years, but Advanced Warframe looks to break that streak.

LoneWolf0191385d ago

More like after 6 hours for me lol

Chris_GTR11385d ago

i havent bought a COD game since black ops 1 and im buying this :) next week with the target b2g1 free

1385d ago
mp12891385d ago

Haven't bought a cod game since ghosts, so I won't buy this one.

DeadRabbits1385d ago

COD AW is the same Hooker with different a different pair of hot-pants on!

XBLSkull1385d ago

Yeah this is the CoD that ushers in a new age for me. Always bought the new CoD, now, I'll pick them up a year after release for cheap to play the campaigns. 1 studio, 3 years. Not 3 studios, every year. Shame on you CoD for the most intense over-saturation of a franchise ever.

I'd love nothing more than to just have the next CoD be WWII, no perks, no kill streaks, no customization, beautiful graphics, back to basics. It's time. Modern/Advanced combat is the new period that is used too much. Used to be WWII but it's completely reversed now. Last great WWII title was Hells Highway.

TheFanboySlayer1385d ago

I just think its funny how probably back in march.....nobody would've expect Call of Duty Advanced Warfare to be better than Destiny

jagermaster6191385d ago

This game looks not to bad but it looks very identical to titan fall the only difference is titan fall looks like it plays better but that's just my opinion that is the reason I am not getting this. Ya it probably has more guns and perks and unlocks but to me it doesn't make it worth it especially since I already have halo MCC download that game with definitely be worth while so see you on the battlefield come November 11 game on!!!

Godmars2901384d ago

More like what reviews say to sell the game versus problems consumers find which could have been reported in previews but were ignored.

ziggurcat1384d ago


I have to say that I completely agree. I've been wanting them to go back to the old wars for a long time. The last, and only CoD I've played do was WaW.

guitarded771384d ago

I just picked mine up a few hours ago and I'm going through the campaign right now. I have to say the visuals are the best they've ever been. I do realize the environments are not very dynamic like some other games, but the textures are sharp and the characters look great. They still move like robots though.

So far, I'm pretty pleased with the game. I haven't touched MP or Co-Op yet. I typically wait for a Black Friday sale, but I had some credits at Best Buy, so I just picked it up.

Findingcrybabies1384d ago

hell yeah. I'm so sick of COD fans. All they do is talk shit and whine and then still buy the game anyways. They all do that.

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Unreal011385d ago

Lol, the anti-cod fanboys are so ridiculous, do they even know how silly they look.

Anyway, great review. I've been glued to this game non-stop all day, fantastic game. Congrats Sledgehammer.

ziggurcat1385d ago

about as silly as absolutely zero recoil when you shoot?

i watched several hours of people streaming this game last night. it's no different than any of the last 6 CoD games.

3-4-51385d ago

Zigg..You watched several hours of gameplay.

I actually literally played the game for several hours.

The gameplay videos online don't do it justice.

There is recoil and it's not all lazer sight.

Best maps since COD4

N4GDgAPc1385d ago

I can say u and others that think this is no different than CoD your blinded by hate for the game. This looks nothing like CoD. If you want to compare it to something its closer to Titanfall(without mechs) than CoD.

ritsuka6661385d ago

Thanks bro , you are one reason why gaming got shit in these days...

ziggurcat1385d ago


not gameplay videos, people actually streaming the game on twitch. one of the people streaming even said, "it's no different, except you can jump higher."

and when you hold the trigger down for an extended period of time, and the reticule doesn't move from the centre of the screen, there's no recoil. the gun shaking slightly =/= recoil.

ASTAROTH1385d ago

I dont understand some people here. In other articles they said ITS ABOUT HAVING FUN, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS... so to me ADVANCE WARFARE is where the fun is. No matter the recoil of the gun the realism of the war etc... Its fun, plain and simple.

frostypants1385d ago

@ziggurcat, just to be fair, in most games with recoil a good player can cancel-out the upward recoil by adding some "look down" input. Not saying that's what's happening here...just pointing it out as a possibility.

lipton1011384d ago

I Have been the most prolific cod hater and troll since blops 1. This game turned it all right around. It's absolutely amazing. The maps are great and the graphics are ridiculous. The gameplay shines though, the pace of MP is spot on (a bit slower then previous installments) and the exo-suit adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. As I did with morons hating blindly on destiny #hatersgonnahate. Yeah, looking at you zigg...

lipton1011384d ago

The game is about "advanced warfare" which requires a suspension of disbelief if you want to become immersed. Before college I was in the military and to be clear, the M16 has next to no recoil thanks to a stiff buffer spring in the stock. With that said, I can accept that automatic weapons in the future would have next to no recoil. Suspension of disbelief, look it up zigg, just eat the sandwich mommy made for you with the crust cut off first

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FanboyKilla1385d ago

Im seeing good reviews, but when i watch the game it looks like any of the last few installments with boost. Im just waiting to hit purchase, but something feels off.

TheArkatek1384d ago

Im still trying to figure out why all of these overhyped COD games always seem to be missing one thing (Legs and feet) !! EVERY COD game that has ever been release if u look down you are nothing but hands and a gun ?? Poor attention to detail. All the Halo series you could see your legs and feet if you look down ( even on the original xbox). B3 & B4 you can also.

Bnet3431385d ago

COD Ghosts was just a huge piece of poo that I actually agree with this score. I like this COD. It's way faster and it's almost like Black Ops 3. I like the future stuff. No stupid things like mines or claymores, or IEDs, etc. 9/10 from me just saying.

StrawberryDiesel4201385d ago

I agree completely, it's almost like it was made by Treyarch. Feels identical to Black Ops 2 MP in my opinion just with boost jumping. PS4 version is very polished though. That early segment in the SP called "Traffic" where your character is jumping from bus to bus looks insane. That is one of the most amazing set pieces I have ever played. Like always, there's a lot on content here for FPS players to enjoy.

mark3214uk1385d ago

i would like to see the contract that ign makes e.g sledgehammer sign to see if it says that they will post a true score weather it be good or bad

Hold_It1385d ago

It's IGN, they always give terrible games high scores. Do you seriously think they are honest about what they say? If so, there really is no hope for the human race.

turdburgler10801385d ago

But they're so likable and friendly. I even have a few of them as friends on xbox live. I always enjoy reading from IGN. I've been doing it long before it became fashionable to hate on them.

Gardenia1384d ago

9/10 is a score that almost no game can get. It means it is an almost perfect game, something that maybe happens for 2 or 3 games a year. But IGN is giving that to a COD game

mmcglasson1385d ago


I agree. Or even a modern CoD but with no kill-streaks. Make it more realistic, less arcade with the random kill streaks. I'm all for customization of gear that you can take to the field, but that's it.

geddesmond1384d ago

Yeah my last COD was MW2 so this will be my first in 4 or 5 years. But why the 9.1 score?? I understand a 9.0 or a 9.5 but a 9.1 lol. Thats just dumb scoring.

lipton1011384d ago

When I had ghosts, after 2 hours I took the disc out of my ps4 and broke it in half. I was so pissed I vowed to never buy another call of duty again. After reviews started hitting I decided to give it one last shot and boy am I glad I did. It's seriously amazing, and I've been a straight hater and troll of all things cod since blops 1. This is a must play game. I had to practically force myself to sleep last night at 3:00am. Best one since MW2

Kidmyst1384d ago

I Installed it on PC last night and played SP and MP for a bit, I saw N4G articles saying PC had buggy issues and SLI mode. I was nervous thinking I'd have issues like I did with EA games when COD was always stable. I'm running two older GPU's in SLI mode and so far AW is running smoother than Ghosts did. I had issues with Ghosts in SLI mode. The only issue I have had is AW doesn't recognize I'm running in SLI, so it knocked all my graphics down so the game looked like crap. i moved everything back up and it runs smooth. So far I like it better than Ghosts for sure in MP. Gotta get as much time in before the 18th releases though.

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crusf1385d ago Show
-Foxtrot1385d ago

Obviously....without fail

Fireseed1385d ago

I dont think obvious means what you think it means because the "obvious" part about it isnt that obvious.

Volkama1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I don't think think means what you think it means because thinking hurts my head :(

1385d ago
bloodybutcher1385d ago

Looks like you have a stalking doppelgänger

Rimeskeem1385d ago

I think i will rent this before i buy it because i can never trust reviewers now a days. I was trying to share play with a friend but Activision decided to not let that happen so now im stuck renting it.

Spenok1385d ago

Yeah that's a good idea. I've the same mind. Though I'm sure I won't be able to rent it for a good while. Which I'm fine with. I still have plenty of other games to play.

Xbot11385d ago

Congrats sledgehammer!