Early review embargoes and live-streams show confidence from developers

When a game’s review embargo doesn’t lift a few days before its official release date, odds are that game might end up with negative review scores.

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qwerty6761269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

pretty much....

lets look at a few examples

FH2 embargo lifted a week early, great review scores.

Destiny, embargo until launched mediocre review scores


Sunset Overdrive embargo lifted one day early i believe? and early live streams? excellent review scores

Call of Duty is a weird one, its been getting good review scores but wasn't the embargo until launch?

these studios and publishers definitely have an idea how it will review beforehand and use embargos accordingly.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1269d ago

Well, they flew out the 'gaming press' to review their game, all expenses paid. I'd wait for actual user reviews.

pat_11_51269d ago

Activision tends to always have day one review embargoes for some reason. It's weird.

Spenok1268d ago

Not at all lol. Some people are late to the party, or somehow only just realizing it.

pat_11_51269d ago

I'm not saying it is, but it is something a lot of people don't realize. It's also much more apparent than ever now that live-streaming is becoming a more common thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.