Ubisoft employee dispels rumors of being pressured into locking PC games at 30fps

In response to previous, unsubstantiated rumors regarding Ubisoft being pressured into locking PC games at 30fps by console manufacturers, one of the company's online programmers has offered up some much needed clarification.

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lelo2play1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

"Ubisoft employee dispels rumors of being pressured into locking PC games at 30fps"

I wouldn't be surprised one bit. Everybody suspects that Sony and Microsoft pressure developers to dumb down PC versions of multiplatform games. It's natural, they don't want their consoles to look bad. Watch Dogs is a perfect example of a dumbed down game.

I even suspect Sony and Microsoft pressure developers to release certain multiplaform games much later on the PC then on consoles, like GTA5.

DesertFoxJr1387d ago

...and it's a damn shame.

BitbyDeath1387d ago

MS is the only one with available dollars that could do this. Sony can't just go round spending willy nilly given the current financial situation they are in.

Spenok1386d ago

The first part of your comment yes, the second part no. The main reason you see multiplatform games release much later on PC is because of Piracy. Piracy on PC is so rampant it's ridiculous. Some games don't make any profit due to that. If I remember correctly, The Sims 3 was pirated more than 8 million times within a week of it's launch. I can only imagine how other games do because of that.

gangsta_red1387d ago

Maybe MS paid Ubi for parity on the PC!

DesertFoxJr1387d ago

Ha. That's actually similar to one of the rumors spread by one of the students that attended Ubisoft's presenation.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1387d ago


'anon' ubisoft employee claiming it didn't happen? I call bs. If it didn't happen why is he hiding his name? I'll tell you why, it did happen and he's just denying it because he didn't think it would come back and bite him later.

Say no to Doucheysoft.