PC Exclusive Star Citizen To Get Massive 8K UHD Resolution Thanks To Freedom From Consoles

The PC Exclusive Star Citizen is getting an absolutely insane 4K and 8K resolution support natively, and according to devs the reason is that they dont need to worry about console optimization.

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Neixus1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

No, that's not from being freed from consoles.

Any PC game could of had 8k, even though it's multiplat, they just need to work harder exclusively on the PC version of the game, aka Crysis.

Don't take me wrong, im so hyped about Star Citizen, but the constant shabby words towards console gaming is disgusting from a development team.
They all have that PC master race attitude.

codelyoko1299d ago

Hmm, i kinda get why they are doing this though. The PC platform has been neglected for so long now. All the major players are vested in consoles. Most, if not all, exclusives arrive on consoles. Honestly, the devs dont really care about PC.

You have exceptions like the Witchers and Crysis 3, but they are few.

kevnb1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

This is pretty far from the truth, devs care about whatever platform that has an audience for them. PC is the only platform that consistently gets third party exclusive games without Microsoft even paying for them. The PC hardware companies want us to think that the most important part of PC gaming is pushing the most expensive and latest tech as far as it can go, league of legends is still the most played video game period. And that the thing, PC has become mostly multiplayer type experiences, consoles are mostly movie like experiences and call of duty.

Cy1299d ago

Agreed. I love space sims and I'm hyped for Star Citizen but every time Roberts opens his mouth and spouts his PC elitism I seriously want to boycott it. The only thing that keeps me from considering it is that they've already made their money since there's no way the game is gonna cost 60 million to make. Boycotting is pointless, no matter how insufferable he is.

Dynasty20211299d ago

And N4G is a console master race site.

Like bragging how a Ford Focus can beat a Veyron any day of the week.

Khan6131299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Sony and M$ put pressure on developers to make sure the PC versions of cross platform titles do not stand out too much over their "next gen" console brothers.

Otherwise how can you call your console "next gen".

Also Publishers (an evil StarCitizen doesn't have to worry about) won't provide the cash to develop the game if:
1. It may embarrass console manufacturers when a game is compared to a PC version and it is proved that the game cannot run at full framerate or full HD as compromises were made. Such controversy upsets further business between publisher and console manufacturer.

2. It will cost more to add visual fidelity to game.....who's going to pay for added development? (Hint: A console vendor paid for Tomb Raider's upgrade recently...this was a PR stunt for that console).

The developers for The Division experienced and commented on this very common practice.

-Foxtrot1299d ago

"They all have that PC master race attitude"

Hate it...don't get why they are so snobby

Everytime there is a console discussion you always get that one person who says something like "...but if it was on PC" and it's like "We are talking about consoles...not PC's"

I think PC gamers should be lucky to have multiplatform games from third party devs instead of discussing how better they could be.

SteamPowered1299d ago

And yet here you are bringing up console discussions in a PC article.....
Looks like you should practice what you preach.

-Foxtrot1299d ago

Not really, the guy above is mentioning consoles, I'm just replying to him.

Nothing wrong with that.

Khan6131299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I agree PC gamers SHOULD be lucky to get a cross platform title.

But I'm not console bashing. I'm bashing the system.

The below is all an example and numbers are not accurate.

1. Let's say Sony and MS boast that they have 100 million playstations or xboxes in homes.

2. A publisher (let's say EA) has a great relationship with these two manufacturers.

3. A dev company wants to make a game for PC and consoles, publish it via EA who has agreed to provide the cash and has a great relationship with console makers.

It is in EA's interest to make the console games look great, comparable at least to each other and to the PC equivalent.

***They will pressure devs in this regard.***

A PC version of the same game CAN NOT outshine the next gen console version. It would ruin the working relationship between publisher and hardware manufacturer.

The dev must follow the agreement with the publisher or risk losing the right to publish to and potential sell to all those console owners - all those potential sales lost is a scary thought to somebody heavily invested in making a great game and getting it out there!

Next Gen Consoles are great gaming appliances. But they are not at all up there with PC's.

There are enough controversial articles out there *cough* 30fps is more cinematic *cough* and *cough* resolution is just a number *cough*

JsonHenry1299d ago

The whole 4k/8k thing is not that important when talking about screen size. Even that resolution rendered internally and put out on a 1080/1440p screen would like mind blowingly better than anything you or I have seen to date in a video game.

I'm guessing that is an Sli/Crossfire only thing. But this game is going for the long haul. 2-3 years from now a single GPU will most likely be able to pull that off. And then beyond that even midrange GPUs will able to. So yes, it might be a while before the average consumer can afford to play it maxed. But that is fine. This is a PC game. And not being able to max it just yet is a VERY PC-like thing to do and PC fans everywhere love it.

Aleithian1299d ago

Was just going to say this very thing when I read the headline.

I totally agree that console bashing is disgusting. It's immature and totally ignores the many and various reasons that millions buy consoles rather than PCs. A console is a legitimate and very often more practical gaming option than a gaming PC, the power advantages of a gaming PC notwithstanding.

Pandamobile1299d ago

When you're setting out to make one of the most ambitious PC exclusives of all time, it doesn't hurt to distance yourself from consoles.

Aleithian1299d ago

There's distancing, and then there's insulting.

starchild1299d ago

There's far more of that kind of nonsense coming from the console crowd, either directed towards the PC or towards another console, so I don't understand why you get so offended by a little of it from the PC camp.

Aleithian1298d ago


Two wrongs don't make a right. I've never tried to justify console gamers who bash PC gamers/gaming.

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Overwhelming1299d ago

That's not so linear. What is 8K resolution for, if the detail and poligon count won't be up to par? It's not just a matter of resolution, it's about making more detailed graphics, better AI, etc. Of course, doing almost two different games just to exploit each console/PC limits, isn't efficient or cost effective.

ZeroX98761298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

did any of you guys check the average CPU and GPU on steam? (stats are available on the site)

I'm able to play most of my games at 1080p 60 fps at very high graphics (GTX 670 + i5 3570K), but pushing it to 4K is going to be tough with my setup (Maybe some OC, but even then). Afterseeing the average GPUs on steam, I'm hoping the game can run on a mid-range PC so a lot of gamers can enjoy it.

@ lol at disagree. by that logic less gamers playing this game is better. make sense....

Stapleface1298d ago

That average is very inaccurate. For instance, I have never got the survey on my gaming pc. But I have on my laptop which doesn't even have a dedicated gpu. So according to that average, I'm counted as using a pc with no GPU at all. When in reality I use a 780ti for my pc gaming.

user56695101298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

A lot of console fanboys mad in here. Bad enough games are struggling at 1080p. This game is going to get so much hate. Games from years ago are showing how console can't keep up.

Oh and the said this because they are future proofing them game remember devs support PC games longer and we have BC. Unlike what publishers want you to believe when they try to treat y'all like idiots when they tell y'all this the power thing ever seen and show off old gfx techniques, technology is still progressing and do not wait on consoles. They are doing the best gfx at high resolution. So all the bells and whistles consoles can't run at 1080p. Next year seem to be a flock of low res games on consoles.what's that res don't matter now. Gfx effects matter now? We got that? Gameplay matter? We got that too? Exclusive ? Don't go there we have the most.

They mad downplay.they soooo mad. Go ahead downplay. I'm surprise someone didn't bring up uncharted. I noticed fanboys are having a lot of bubz these days

ZeroX98761298d ago

In a way, PC gamers are making the most expensive GPUs cheaper by buying it at full price at launch, then the manufacture cost goes down and consoles gets it some years after at a more consumer friendly price.

We need to push it to the max all the time, so that more can enjoy it at a lesser cost.

Everyone wins.

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codelyoko1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

The awkward moment when you realize that you have been fighting for PC rights and when the time has actually come.... you are absolutely broke. :(

Spenok1298d ago

Yeah I can only imagine the cost of getting a PC to run 8K well lol.

mysteryraz111299d ago

the price to run it in 8k probally ridiculous probally near or above 10 grand hell probally for 4k too, im sorry they arent gonna make some super consoles that cost more then a grand, game still looks boring to me more excited for no mans sky actually it has awesome art style

codelyoko1299d ago

You are going to need 2x R9 295Xs = ~2.5k
An HEDT processor + Mobo ~1k
Everything else ~1k

You are looking at around the 5k mark. But diminishing returns apply. Lets face it how many people actually have a 4k or an 8k screen? most pc gamers will game at 1080p or 1440p and these should run on most mid-high end rigs just fine.

Twignberries1299d ago

Not sure if you're talking about 4k or 8k here.
I have 2x R9 295x2's and although they smash 4k resolution, no chance they would put up much of a fight at 8k, especially with only 4gb vram (per gpu).

There is currently NO cards that would handle 8k, well at least not without turning every single setting to the absolute lowest.. but lets be honest here, who the f*** wants to do that! haha

thezeldadoth1299d ago

the whole "who can actually do this" argument is ridiculous. Why so anti-technology? Even if only 2 people can do it, let it exist. Keep pushing forward.

lemoncake1299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

Well you forget the beauty of PC gaming, every year technology advances and every year it gets cheaper 8k might be a hard thing to reach for most today but what about in 2, 5 or 10 years. Unlike console games PC games are not limited to one generation, you could easily revisit this game in 3, 10, 15 or whatever many years from now and play it using what you have then. There have been many PC games that I couldn't play at uber settings at launch but after a few years I come back to them and those uber settings don't put my new reasonably priced PC under uber stress anymore.

Console gamers are too concerned by the here and now, but PCs don't work like that which is hard for them to grasp.

tee_bag2421298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Haha salty boy. People will be able to play this game 4 years from now at 8k and not need to repurchase a HD release like consoles profit from. By then you'll be experiencing 1080p @ 60fps on your next toy.
And pfff.. No mans sky has nothing on this game. Keep hoping.

Cy1299d ago

Yeah but what's the frame rate?

Snookies121299d ago

Depends on the rig, I'd say for most people 5-10 frames per second, lol...

In all seriousness, I'd love to see this played on the best PC rig out there.

qwerty6761299d ago

i watched the fps portion of this game, didn't look to great.

also this game is getting microtransactions

dont understand the hype for this game at all.

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