Press Start #8: Ratchet And Fail?

Matt Doria writes"And so, we come to our conclusion once more. I will most definitely, 100% be back next week to talk about the upcoming Playstation Experience event, and why I believe developers need to ditch Seventh Generation consoles once and for all. This week, my question is – If Sony were to take the route Nintendo has taken with the New 3DS, and release a ‘New Vita’, what features would you want it to include? There are so many features I’d love! Clickable sticks and L2 / R2 buttons would be great, but if I had to choose just one, I’d go with the feature Sony would be least likely to implement – quality AAA titles. Yeah. Shots fired. Leave your answers in the comments below, let me know if you’ve picked up Sunset Overdrive and what you think of it, and I’ll see you next week!"

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Aceman181268d ago

My god the gaming media gets worst everyday it seems.

bouzebbal1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

no shit! it's more gaming trolls. Ready to lose their honor for a few clicks.
one of the most dumbass articles i've read in a long time, (and i read quite a few everyday).
I love Ratchet & Clank and the 30+ million of Ratchet sold say hi to all those trolls.

i downvoted so many websites the past few days and yet they keep coming.

SniperControl1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Thats because fanboy trolls are dredging the scummy bottom of the internet to find articles that put Sony and anything Sony in a bad light.

I have in the last couple of days seen, a article proclaiming the new 2.0 update to be a total disaster and bricked thousands of PS4's, another raged on about the DS4 being the worst PS controller yet or Sony will be bankrupt by next year and now this article.

All have been done as click and flame bait articles, most are submitted by the authors of the articles(a practice which needs to stop) in order to gain hits.
Game journalism is truly in the gutter at the moment.

The amount of unheard of sites or totally obscure sites were having there low review score of Driveclub submitted by known N4G fanboys was a total joke, one submitter/author actually gave DC a 3/10, one of the reasons is that he had to brake while going into corners(what a moron). i know DC has it's problems, but 3/10???

This site has really gone to the dogs lately full of fanboys and trolls with 5 hour accounts made purely for the purposes of abusing true gamers.

nosferatuzodd1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

This is why I hate everything xbox and microshaft when things are bad they are all in their cave when things started to look good you see them in herds trying to down play everything playstation or nintendo sad pathetic bastards

zsquaresoff1268d ago

What's up with all the anti playstation news recently?

First bashing the console and now going after the characters too.

What the actual fu*k?

Cupid_Viper_31268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Back to the point here. I joined the website because back in 2007, I felt the urge to speak up because the amount of nonsense that were being published by the gaming media was just......Wow. Every day, at least 4 articles on how the PS3 will be Sony last's console, or Sony is going to sell the gaming division, how the ps4 is just a BluRay Player, and how HD-DVD is much better, thus totally justifying the $150 HD-DVD add-on for the XBox 360, etc.

I always suspected that there was definitely hidden consensus somewhere. Otherwise, how would all of some 50 different publications decide to talk about the exact same topics, with the same Negative/Positive views? At the same time?

Let's take DriveClub for example. A game that was delayed a full year, and still released with some broken portions. Now historically, games that are considered average or below average normally have a short lifespan in the media. But that's is only true if your name is not Sony/PlayStation. Forza Horizon 2? Got rave reviews, but nobody is talking about it. Sunset Overdrive? it also the best and "most fun" game ever made according to most reviews. but it is also fading away fast. Actually, DriveClub has been the "HOTTEST GAME" on N4G since Last Month. Now you may say that this nothing, but keep in mind that N4G is aggregate website, the final resting place for news from all around the gaming community. So in essence, it reflects the general mood/pulse of the community in a way.

And not even the Great and All Conquering Call of Duty could dethrone it. Now take a moment to ask yourself why that might be? Is DriveClub the best racing game so far? Not according to reviews and metacritic. So why then has been the most talked about game on this Aggregate website?

Here's my thesis. GamerGate exposed the fact that these "journos" are really just a group of guys who decides collectively to set the agenda for a certain week/month. And around this time of the year, coincidentally but predictably,Microsoft gets really aggressive in terms of advertisement and games. Like everyone and their grandma knows that comes holiday times, Microsoft simply don't mess around. They can go the most of the year with barely any games, but you best be ready for those last 3 months.

For the past six months, if you needed an article touting "Exclusives Games" to save your life, then you seriously risked dying. Now that Microsoft has a few exclusive? Well, just look at the articles you've been seeing since Forza Horizon released.

Articles like these: "Sony 2.0 update has been a complete disaster" "Sony's being 'Too Overconfident' this Holiday" From GameInformer about the DS4

When I see them now, I just chuckle a little bit as I move on the next article without really sweating it.

So to answer your question of "what the actual f**k?" There's nothing going on, it's just a little bit of money exchanging hands, that's all. :)

ragnalamb1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I agree totally, This thing has gotten worse now that COD AW released, just as if MS had an advertising exclusivity... oh wait!!! They do!!!!

Its not a surprise to me media is bashing Sony, or vg chartz over counting Xbox sales in order to make MS look better, even more when money is involved.

Its a trend that started when the 360 and ps3 launched, but its geting worse and worse everyday. Im in hope everything just gets back to way it should be.... neutral.

Just look at COD reviews, the reivindication of a franchise.... Its the exact same game I played in ghosts.... just with some twists with the suits.... Sunset overdrive is actually a good game so all the positive comments about it are justified.

Someone is paying good money on advertising!

DEEninetysix1268d ago

(author of the article here) Huuuuuge Playstation fan, huuuuuuuge Ratchet And Clank fan. Idea was not to slam either of them with this article, so my apologies if that's how I came off. Mere speculation and a brew of thoughts made up this article, pretty much. I'm very much looking forward to seeing R&C on PS4!

1268d ago
ShadowWolf7121268d ago

"I’d go with the feature Sony would be least likely to implement – quality AAA titles."

Vita's got those, bruh. Got more coming too.

bjshepp1268d ago

Dafuq did I just read?

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