How some Gamergate supporters say the controversy could stop “in one week”

Last week, Hayley Tsukayama wrote about the Entertainment Software Association's reaction to "Gamergate" -- the months-long culture war over gender and ethics in the gaming industry. Her Twitter feed was flooded with messages from those who said The Washington Post had been unfair in their coverage of the harassment of female game developers and media critic Anita Sarkeesian.

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uth111385d ago

It could have stopped before it started.

Instead the press took a burning ember and tried to douse it with gasoline

spartanlemur1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

As the article says:

Step 1: Post ethics policies

But I'll add another important action:

Step 2: Apologise for the fact that many people consider content to be quite biased, and make efforts to make things *more* objective (i.e. don't behave like a child and create a "100%" objective review like Jim Sterling; just try and make things a bit less focused on social issues, which we all have diverse and complex views on).

It's OK to have opinion pieces as long as they are clearly labeled as such (like in most reputable newspapers), and the very best sources have writers who disagree with each other! The Telegraph has writers with diverse beliefs who quite often disagree with colleagues and it's interesting to read both sides of the story.

Really, there has been a mature resolution to this since day one. But the internet as it is...

kingdip901385d ago

Not so much the internet but the media as a business of click revenue. Controversy is profitable and maintained controversy more so.

DeadRabbits1385d ago

I feel like I have woke up from my gaming coma just like Rick Grimes to the find the whole gaming community has turned in to hordes of mindless zombies!
Ah well back to gaming wake me up when this is over!

-Foxtrot1385d ago

If you don't take a stand now then it's just going to get worse

You can play games and take a stand against corrupt's not hard.

People seem to think if you support GG and get involved in this you don't have the time for video games or something

gamesR4fun1385d ago

they've tried making gaming gate about anything but what it is the blatant corruption in the gaming press. proving the very point they are trying so hard to deny.

betrayed gamer1385d ago

here is the thing, gamergate just like most communities on the internet have huge trolls. these trolls give the gamergate group a bad name. I believe there should be a separate movement with a face. where the make an effort to talk to those who bash the hobby of gaming, and those who take the hobby in a wrong way. honestly there are times where its hard to say im proud to be a gamer when you have idiots either using games as an excuse to justify their illegal actions, or those who take what the feminists say to heart. are gaming communities anti women. yes to a degree, do video games cause people to become violent. no, unless they are mentally impaired in a few ways. some one has to stand out from a computer screen and actually make a move towards the journalists talk with them over a live feed have a proper conversation.

001385d ago

the people against gamergate don't want to talk they're content with saying all gamers are a bunch of white misogamist virgins, and there is nothing to stop those against gamergate to say the new face is about harassment too. these game journalist tried to use there power to censor when that didn't work they started writing article that gamergate is about harassment.

these corrupt journalist are trying to control who has a voice and who doesn't so there empire built of cards doesn't fall.

betrayed gamer1385d ago

thats the trick. force them into the talk. thanks to youtube, and twitch and other outlets a person can call out said "gaming journalists". force them into a corner so to speak by using evidence, and information to force them out into talking. the trick is not to insult them or threaten them. make them ruin themselves. make them have to defend themselves.

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