Why DRIVECLUB could be MY 2014 Game of the Year

At nearly one month since it’s release, it’s almost too late to remove the stigma of it’s rocky start. If you cut through the forum treacle, you’ll find that the game isn’t close to as awful as you’re being led to believe. When servers come online and both photo mode and dynamic weather get enabled, I personally hope that people will be able to see and experience DRIVECLUB for what it really is, a game that harkens back to a time when racers were about fun and fantastic visuals over infinite cars and customization.

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Bennibop1263d ago

Absolutely love driveclub and like the author I cannot wait for new features!

ashen1221263d ago

same! I get online at least 3 times a day just to race people online. very fun!

reaperofsouls1263d ago

excelent game well worth £35

DoublePlusGoodGames1263d ago

Great to hear, Bennibop! Something that I didn't even go into in the article is that I've been remote playing the drift events on my Vita AND that I've been sitting about 2 feet away from my 60" television to get my level of immersion up.

Seriously, this game is one of the best racing experiences to be had and makes me look forward to VR racing. Imagine how crazy THAT'S going to be.

madmonkey011263d ago

its a good game, just harder than most of the drive by wire games that we have had recently.

Magicite1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Driveclub is NR1 driving game of this year despite not so good reviews.

Foehammer1262d ago

Doesn't look like it has the legs despite a larger install base.

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Qrphe1263d ago

ROFL has not even been announced yet

Xb1ps41263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Tell me about it! The day a game that is shipped broken and wins goty I will quit gaming...

MysticStrummer1263d ago

You should have quit when Skyrim won GotY then.

Ciporta19801263d ago

GTA 5 was worse in my opinion i bet you lapped that up. even made excuses for it probably.

Xb1ps41263d ago


Bs! Skyrim was a awesome game...

How can a racer that brings nothing new to the table still not deliver on a old formula! Lmao...

Anyway I'm off to play some online races in fh2, wanna bet the server will hold up for the whole race? Lol

harrisk9541263d ago

Actual conversation in this thread:

Xb1ps4: Tell me about it! The day a game that is shipped broken and wins goty I will quit gaming...

MysticStrummer: You should have quit when Skyrim won GotY then.

Xb1ps4: Bs! Skyrim was a awesome game...
----------------------------- -------------------

Nice to see logic at work here on N4G!! smh

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_FantasmA_1260d ago

ROFL was delayed until 2015, so it can't be game of the year, FAIL!

Gaming247allday1263d ago

Might be my 2015 Game of the Year once they finish developing the Game

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desertpunk861263d ago

i like broken games and i think battlefield 4 should of been 2013 game of the year driveclub is my game of the year in 2014 not only because is broken but because is a sony exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.