PlayStation Experience a “Once in a Lifetime Event,” “Like a Dream Come True;” More Info Shared

The PlayStation Experience event is just a little more than a month away, and will bring PlayStation fans together in Vegas for a massive consumer event. Digital Communications Senior Manager Sid Shuman gave more insight on what you can expect.

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-Foxtrot1353d ago

"and the indie presence will be massive"

Hopefully not that massive...I like indies, I do but I think it's time some AAA titles surprised us at this event.

BitbyDeath1353d ago

Crossing fingers for WiLD.

ABizzel11353d ago

Now that I sit back and think about it realistically, the best thing for this event would be to have gameplay footage or hands-on-time with many of the games we already know about for 2015.

Hands-on-time with the newly released games such as AC Unity, COD: AW, LBP3, GTAV, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age, A ***NEW*** section of The Order, Bloodbourne, The Witness, Rime, The Witcher, Planetside 2, DayZ, Tearaway, Until Dawn, The Division, and more.

Updated Morpheus with OLED screen, and new demos with No Man's Sky leading the pack.

New gameplay trailers of Uncharted 4, Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Final Fantasy 15, Wild, Hellblade, and Horizon.

Finally wrap up with a couple of new announcements.

We know about all this stuff, but seeing new footage, tied in with a couple of new showings would be more than enough to wrap up the year, and get people excited about 2015.

jjonez181353d ago

@ Bit & AB

Sounds like a great showing. Throw Rime into that list too, while you're at it.

breakpad1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

i hope for a Crash b , Mon Hun, Dragons dogma2 ..the thing is that Sony always overhyping ridiculous features like indie titles

bouzebbal1352d ago

this is no new info. it's at least a week old. i remember these exact same quotes from the same guy

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GameDev11353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

same here, as long as there is a good balance

Indie titles with AAA content like No man sky, Hellblade, The witness, will bring a good balance


lol, dont see that happening, but it will be megaton as the kids say

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1353d ago

I wonder what would happen if either No Man's Sky or The Last Guardian got a December release date?

Gaming247allday1353d ago

Sony is a dream come true for me, i dream of Mark Cerny sometimes and PS4 makes me feel fuzzy inside!

MysticStrummer1352d ago

You should have made another account instead of attempting to stealth troll with this name.

Forbidden_Darkness1353d ago

Well, there will be more than 80 Indie titles at the PS Event, so they will definitely have a big presence, but I expect AAAs to take up most of the show. A good variety is good though. I don't expect indies to have as big of lines, so that'll be nice while going between AAAs.

Ryan7411353d ago

Dem Indies are the foundation of the PS4, don't like them? Then don't get the system. I for one love them.

medman1353d ago

Sony's first party developers, who are the best on the planet, strongly disagree with your assessment. As do I.

Ausbo1353d ago

Nintendo fans might disagree with you there. There's no doubting sony's first party talent though

1352d ago
Mechanism1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Naughty Dog alone have had more success than all of MS's first party developers combined.. Let that sink in. Haha.

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Jaqen_Hghar1353d ago

They've got 400,000 sq. ft. and as long as they're exclusive and have the appearance of a big game they will benefit Sony.

Spid3r61352d ago

This is what Sony did with PSN+ money!

gangsta_red1353d ago

I'm surprised you are not commenting on the sensational headline that is not even mentioned in the actual story.

Usually you and others would be stating how big of a PR marketing stunt this is and how the media blows these types of stories way out of proportion.

-Foxtrot1353d ago

Stirring the usual

Why bother commenting if you just going to try and start an argument.

donthate1353d ago

I know. The title is so funny too.

"It's a dream come true!"

Sooo cheeeeesy! What is this, the 90s?

We will find out if it is that awesome when it shows up, but my guess is any big announcement happens at bigger events. If anything, it is just a bunch of hands and early access. Probably mostly indies is my guess.

d0x3601353d ago

The headline is ridiculous. A dream come true? We arw talking about a console that's already been released so unless they plan on upping the power by about 500% and giving it away for free I'd say the dream is already dead. If they have a single megaton unveil I'll be shocked. Something both amazing and unexpected and I don't mean amazing visually I mean amazing gameplay something I often find lacking in Sony exclusives

1352d ago
UnwanteDreamz1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

You guys sure are dedicated to spreading the gospel. Fight the good fight boys.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1353d ago

Amen. Indie games honestly are becoming too much of a focus I wanna see something that makes my eyes bleed with desire. I've yet to see that yet.

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qwerty6761353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

lol baseless words always these one liners writers use to for "hype".

guys it will be cool but nothing "mindblowing"

microsoft did the same thing teasing some stuff before all their big announcements and all of them were meh.

remember gamescom? "we have an unannounced ip" they were teasing weeks leading up to it and.....

it turned out to be screamride lol.

and then they say "oh ya we have japan studios working on games" turns out to be a bunch of indie titles.

sony has been doing the same thing all year. "unannounced ips" they always say, and they turn out to be a bunch of niche titles very few people care about.

ill be watching to see what they show but im not going to get fooled again which ends up always being disappointment.

GameDev11353d ago

Honestly, Ill just say keep your expectations in check

Sony cant realistically announce a lot due to them also have game events for next year but they can go for quality announcements rather than quantity

To compare the other game events announcement with this can be throwing assumptions around, cause you dont know what is going to happen

I would be lying if I said some of the hype isnt getting me excited for this event

donthate1353d ago

I suspect this event is to try and get people to forget that there is no real games this holiday on PS4 and be hyped for next year instead.

MS is hitting hard with games this holiday and the price cut is taking it's toll.

Remember Michael Pachter said that there will be very attractive bundles on Xbox One this holiday, so the information was out there way in advance.

GameDev11353d ago


It is Playstation's 20th anniversary, as in an anniversary of the PS ecosystem which began on Dec 3 of games is being celebrated, hence why this is set on Dec 3 also. it has nothing with the fanboy load of crap you just spouted

BitbyDeath1353d ago

Sony at Gamescom this year was probably their best event since E3 2005.

Gonna be hard to top that.

DualWielding1352d ago

I don't think Gamescon went that well.... after the conference Sony fans were more interested in finding out whether Rise of the Tomb Rider was a permanent or timed exclusive than about finding more about any of the titles Sony announced

Jaqen_Hghar1353d ago

Have you seen the list of devs showing up? It'll be AAA titles to match the indies. They already have a great lineup so a man is hoping for first gameplay from a number of titles and of course a new announcement or two even if it's just a teaser

Letthewookiewin1353d ago

I always hear his voice when you type. It's awesome.

mydyingparadiselost1353d ago

Too true, if this is a once in a lifetime event that's like a dream come true wouldn't that allude to there bring nothing better than this for the rest of the consoles lifetime?
It doesn't matter really, I ignore PR speak, give me facts with a light drizzle of hype or STFU.

VsAssassin1353d ago

It's once in a lifetime now since it's Sony Playstation's 20th anniversary. That's why it's gonna be a big deal. Sony is just banking on their tenure in the gaming business, so they can hype this somewhat.

MasterCornholio1353d ago

Well I remember a ton of people claiming that the February event wouldn't be anything significant because it wasn't E3 and Sony announced the PS4 there. This event will be the same thing becuase Sony would never rent a huge space like this for nothing. Expect plenty of announcements from this event and some bombshell.

This is PlayStation we are talking about.

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CaEsAr-1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Not gonna set my hype high, for how many times I've been let down this year.

Blackleg-sanji1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I know most ppl wanna contain their hype but screw it im on board my own hype train. Im hyped just because its playstations 20th anniversary. With bloodbourne, the order 1886 and other great titles being playable, all of sonys great developers gathering, sony merchandise, project morpheus. Anything else would be icing on an already triple layered cake. Can't wait to go
edit: wait uncharted 4 is there too!!! Welp my hype train is now flying *hype plane

TimeSkipLuffy1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I really hope it will meet the hype they build around it! I want more exclusive games for my PS4! *____*

btw.... I just looked for the HDD covers released i Japan on ebay... they are freaking expensive... I really hope Sony will release them in Europe, too.