Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets Early Trial on EA Access

Hardcore Gamer: Dragon Age: Inquisition is looking to be an RPG to watch for when it launches later this month, but if you’re an EA Access member, the wait won’t be as long.

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Bigpappy1387d ago

Will that was one of the most attractive bullet points for me. Earlier and discounts on new purchases

FanboyKilla1386d ago

Yes baby yes! Looking like a pretty good value for those xone gamers right about now. The game looks like its going to be good. And we need a rpg right about now.

Neoninja1387d ago

I have to admit, I was skeptical of EA access, but its a really good service. Surprised by how much I actually like it.

Palitera1386d ago

If you think about it, you'll realize you're just playing the game in the actual release date. Their development is done, the game is gold, everything is set right on schedule.

The only difference is that people that don't pay extra will play the game with an one week delay.

ValKilmer1387d ago

Wow, this is real cool.

DoubleM701386d ago

yup.Yup..Nice I get to try it out next week.

vikingland11386d ago

Is this game couch co-op or online only?

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