Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Eurogamer: "After a spell in development lingering at 882p and 900p pixel-counts, it's now confirmed that the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare uses a dynamic scaling model - rendering at resolutions between 1360x1080 to the full 1920x1080, depending on the intensity of the in-game action. As announced by Sledgehammer co-founder Michael Condrey during a Reddit AMA, this marks a stark upgrade over the console's 720p delivery in Call of Duty: Ghosts, bringing it much closer to the crisp, native 1080p image enjoyed on PlayStation 4. But with its resolution in flux, just how well does image quality fare on Microsoft's platform in comparison? And just as crucially, how does performance hold up between the two?"

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yarbie10001204d ago

From Article: "Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Xbox One campaign gameplay runs more smoothly than PlayStation 4

In the main, asset quality is identical between the two platforms. From the handling of shadow rendering to texture detail, there's little to distinguish the Xbox One release from the PS4. But based on the first three campaign levels we've analysed in-depth, the larger disparity is in performance rather than in-game visuals.

With patch version 1.04 installed, the PS4 version's constant 1080p output comes at a price. We catch dips between the 50-60fps lines during battles through Seoul's streets - with drops to the high 40s caught when throwing the 'threat' grenades to scan the area for enemies. Even in perfectly matched scenes, the Xbox One's performance tends to hold at a perfect 60fps by comparison."

jackanderson19851204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

damn so it seems the smart call was the dynamic resolution (for now anyways), wonder if this will be patched within the next few days/weeks on the PS4.

Would this be a rare mulitplat win for X1?

@lukas yeah framerate should definitely be king for a game like COD, maybe it is just a bug that'll get patched soon cuz the Sledgehammer guys themselves said rocksteady 60fps on both

@gamedev for a game like COD framerate is always the major factor, fluctuating FPS is bad for a twitch shooter, not so harmful in other slower paced games but for twitchers it's awful

GarrusVakarian1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

I'd wait for the multiplayer analysis before making a conclusion, seeing as that's the main portion/selling point of the game, and where the vast majority of people spend their time. And if the last part of the analysis is anything to go by, then the nod might just end up being towards the PS4 version:

"However, we briefly dipped into the multiplayer mode on both systems in order to gain some first impressions on resolution and frame-rate. We'll need to test this much more thoroughly across a range of maps, but initial results suggest that the dynamic resolution switch is disabled on Xbox One, leading to a static 1360x1080 presentation throughout. Meanwhile, PS4 locks to native 1080p. This is significant, bearing in mind that multiplayer is the key focus for many COD fans, but the good news is that overall gameplay frame-rates seem just as solid as our recent testing on the Gamescom and EGX builds - a state of affairs that extends to both systems."

The X1 definitely has the upper-hand in the campaign, though. Framerate should be an absolutely priority for this game, the dips on PS4 are disappointing, even with the higher res. I'd take the higher framerate any day of the week.

Edit: And I guess we should take into account the black crush issue that is present in the X1 version, and the screen tearing. None of those are present in the PS4 version. So if the MP analysis does indeed show that the PS4 version is 1080p at a locked 60fps, then the only advantage that the X1 version would have over the PS4 version is a more stable campaign framerate.

GameDev11204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Not really

SP :PS4 = native 1080p 60fps with dips or stutters on small occassions
MP : PS4 = native 1080p stable 60fps

SP: Xbox One = sub dynamic 1080p solid 60fps with screen tearing
MP:Xbox One = basically same thing as SP

I dont see a win for either console here, PS4 sacrificed res for less stable fps is all I see

The dips are on small occasions though throughout a whole game, then the 60fps is stable on MP

Solid 60fps with screen tearing on the Xbox One can also break the game immersion

u got owned1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Xbox has dynamic resolution and PS4 has dynamic FPS.

Im gonna go XBO on this one.

donthate1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )


I agree that frame rate should be absolute priority considering the smooth feel of the game mechanics.

I wonder why the PS4 version didn't get dynamic resolution scaling? Also, why isn't dynamic scaling on in multiplayer? Is it harder to do because it is not scripted?

In the end though, I think solid & stable frame rate is far more important than resolution, and the resolution debate is not noticeable at all. Only the dips in frame rates are that noticeable.

u got owned:



mulitplayer on PS4/Xbox One is actually uncertain on both platform if it is stable frame rate at this point.

Also, screen tearing is so rare that I don't think it matters as mentioned by the Eurogamer article.

Finally keep in mind that all of this can be fixed in a patch and is so minimal that the vast majority don't notice or even care!

Kayant1204d ago

@u got owned

You do know the XB1 drops frames right so it's still "dynamic" albeit more stable.

MP is more important to me and both are said to have similar performance with one having superior image quality so PS4 it would be.

hello121204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Lukas you always switch things around when it doesn't suit just like last night when i proved to you thief dropped 21 frames on PS4 and DF claimed 25 was the lowest in went on PS4, a lie of course.

Respect DF for this this maybe they are turning a new leaf and will get more respect from x box fans for that.

I'd wait for the multiplayer analysis before making a conclusion, seeing as that's the main portion/selling point of the game, and where the vast majority of people spend their time. And if the last part of the analysis is anything to go by, then the nod might just end up being towards the PS4 version:

Ok mate you can't stand xb1 looking good for once.

Why does the PS4 version look more blurry too. Native 1080p on PS4 should look better. Just pause it at 3.45 minutes you see'll what i am on about!

Could x box 1 be using a version of 11.3 directx11?

The CPU clock 1.6 was always be a problem for Sony, Microsoft will always gain a few extra frames because of that 1.75ghz clock.

Unspoken1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Folks are wondering why PS4 didn't get the dynamic resolution treatment? smh

PS4 fans have been screaming 1080p since launch and they want nothing less. It really isn't hard to understand. Just look at your peers to see why they made this decision. Anything less than 1080p and PS4 fanboys would have thrown a tantrum and said what crappy development. No developer wants to hear that after putting in so much time to make a game for you!

You guys have to come to an understanding about the resources available in both consoles. You can't keep hoping that the PS4 is powerful enough. It's as bad as hoping the Xbox has more power secretly stored somewhere.

Face it, game engines have already surpassed what both consoles are capable of reproducing. As more assets and fx are added it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an FHD resolution.

It's sad when this generation of gamers decide to forgo great gameplay experiences for a technical bullet point. Now look, the Xbox version is better but at least you have 1080p.

NewMonday1203d ago

so the best CoD MP experience is on PS4 with the stable framerate and 1080p

in SP both have issues, XB1 screen tearing and PS4 FR drops, but they are minimal.

CernaML1203d ago


The CPU clock 1.6 was always be a problem for Sony, Microsoft will always gain a few extra frames because of that 1.75ghz clock."

Right, lets completely forget about the fact that the X1 needs to cut the horizontal resolution in half to gain a few more frames. Lets also forget about the fact that nearly every multiplat released this year has performed better on the PS4. Get a grip with a reality, kid. Its embarrassing having to read your comments now.

UnHoly_One1203d ago

Unspoken said it best.

PS4 fans want 1080p at all cost.

Well they got it.

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Magicite1204d ago

Dont care about MP, so gonna play on PC.

Volkama1204d ago

Steam reviews are surprisingly positive for the PC version, and if you shop around the game is less than half the price.

Personally I do care about multiplayer, so I'm holding off all versions until sledgehammer clarify their statement on servers.

Letthewookiewin1204d ago

The Frame drops must have went beyond 40fps if they tried to stick it out at 1080 on X1. For Sledge to make the decision for variable res it must have had pretty bad screen tearing and drops. They let the PS4 ride it out because its more capable.

Letthewookiewin1203d ago

If that wasn't the case then why would a developer drop a games resolution yet keep another consoles at 1080 with bad frame drops. It must have been much worse on X1 to the point of being unplayable. This is not an opinion, something serious must happen otherwise Sledge would have just kept the X1s res at 1080p with no changes.

ABizzel11204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Basically the XBO versions uses 1360 x 1080 <-> 1920 x 1080p resolution depending on the demanding sections of the game. Basically 900p when in heavy action, and 1080p when nothing happens (1360 x 1080 is almost the same pixel count as 1600 x 900).

The PS4 framerate is generally 55 - 60fps with the rare drop into the high 40's during in-engine scenes during heavy action which is a result of full 1080p and constant V-sync, where as the XBO versions lower resolution and adaptive V-sync allows it to stay at a near perfect 60fps at the cost of screen tearing and rare drop into the 40's during in-engine scenes. Both versions have a sutter effect during checkpoints.

Multiplayer is Native 1080p on PS4, meanwhile XBO is locked at 1360x 1080 (again basically 900p), with both versions generally locked at 60fps.

IMO I'm surprised that they didn't add the same scaling technology in the PS4 version, if they knew the game wasn't locked at 60fps. Consistent framerate is always more important than resolution IMO, and now that I think about it more there's really no reason the game shouldn't be locked at 60fps on the PS4 even in 1080p.

It just seems like a complete uncaring choice made with the PS4 version, meanwhile the XBO version was constantly improved upon with each showing especially since the E3 demo of the XBO version ran in 882p 40 - 60fps, yet here it gets a boost in resolution and a locked framerate, yet the PS4 version couldn't do the same???? Hmmmm.... Seems they spent more time on the XBO version than any of the others.

The PS4 version has no tearing since it's V-synced, but I'd rather deal with a bit of tearing for a locked 60fps with adaptive V-sync. At the end of the day COD is a multiplayer game first nowadays, and both are nearly locked in their online mode with the PS4 version running at native 1080p still.

On a side note, there's a 144p option when viewing the video.

Single player
PS4: 1080p @ 55 - 60fps (rare 40 fps dip, during in-engine scenes)
XBO: basically 900p - 1080p @ almost perfect 60fps (rare 40 fps dip, during in-engine scense)

PS4: 1080p @ almost perfect 60fps
XBO: basically 900p @ almost perfect 60fps

yarbie10001204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

If Activision would have said they were using the same dynamic resolution on PS4 - - - Everyone would have thrown a hissy fit saying #NoPS4Parity and claiming that Activision & Xbox was holding them back

ABizzel11204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )


I don't care what everyone else complains about. I care about what runs well, and there's no reason this game should not be running at 60fps on both the PS4 and XBO, nor does it mean the PS4 version had to be dropped all the way down to 1360 x 1080p to achieve it (which ends the no parity debate).
*Nor does it make sense to develop and implement a technology into only one version of the game.
*Nor does it make sense to add a more demanding V-sync to one version of the game at the cost of a locked framerate, and have developers claim that both are "rock solid".
*Nor would it be the first time a PlayStation game used dynamic resolution, Wipeout HD did as well, so anyone complaining about it would be a hypocrite.

Save it for somebody else. This is simply a case of spending more time optimizing one version over the others. The fact that the PS4 versions framerate shifts like that goes to show it's basically running the a optimized PC version code, meanwhile the XBO version was catered towards it's strengths and weaknesses.

How a game goes from 882p @ 40 - 60fps, up to 900p - 1080p @ near 60fps locked, and the other version being developed at the same time is still stuck in the 40 - 60fps range goes to show nothing but lack of effort.

turdburgler10801204d ago

Activision gave sony fans what they wanted. 1080p, and that comes at a cost. In this case it's FPS. Imagine what would have happened if ubisoft made AC unity 1080p. It would have had horrible FPS.

Npugz71204d ago

Well no shit! It's because Xbox one isn't doing 1080p!

3-4-51204d ago

Playing on XB1 and it's the best looking FPS and best looking COD game I've played on any console yet.

PS4 is most likely slightly better, but in motion while gaming, you won't have time to notice the difference.

Both look beautiful.

mochachino1203d ago

PS4 has 1080p 60fps multiplayer, xone has 60fps lower resolution mp but a smoother frame rate in the campaign with a small bit of tearing.

BallsEye1203d ago

Seems ps4 is missing self-shadowing on characters. Most visible on the ammo belt. What's up with that?

larrysdirtydrawss1203d ago

there were more than a few times the xone framerate was below the ps4's for the exact same scene

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Daz1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

But but the pixels.
Frame rate will always be king over pixels.

Exclusive to PlayStation dynamic fps OUT NOW

Anyway jokes aside, it does say 1080p for ps4 and just over 900p for multiplier with no dynamic for the one not 100% confirmed but we wait and see.
But turned out much better then ghosts for the one.

Riderz13371204d ago

All that matter to me is 60FPS for multiplayer, which the PS4/Xbox One version manage to achieve easily. I don't really care if it drops a bit in SP because you usually don't need quick reactions time due to the AI not being smart as a decent player online.

imt5581204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Well, i see black crush issue on Xbone version. It's too dark. Anyway, framerate can be fixed with patch ( Diablo III anyone? ).

EDIT : why i getting disagree votes because black crush issue is really evident in COD : AW on Xbone?

Ps4andxb11204d ago

You can force crushed blacks by setting the picture up incorrectly.

Silly trick by neogaf to make it look bad.

GarrusVakarian1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Oh, please, don't start with that conspiracy BS. This isn't something that NeoGAF have made up to try and show the X1 in a negative light, it's a legitimate issue with the X1 (just like the overly-harsh sharpening filter that everyone over at GAF brought to light...something that MS later fixed).

Black crush IS an issue on the X1, don't even try to downplay it. It's not something that can be easily fixed by calibrating your display correctly either (which is what I've already done) because it's not an issue with the game, it's an issue with the console itself.

Here's an in-depth post by a user on NeoGAF explaining the issue with the X1's black levels:

Anyone who thinks this is a non-issue, or has been made up by 'teh Sony Poniez' over at NeoGAF, I strongly advise you take a look at that link. ^^^

You shouldn't just brush off legitimate issues with the X1 and tell people to "set up the picture correctly" if you have no understanding of what black crush is or why it is so prominent in X1 games.

GarrusVakarian1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Lmfao at my disagrees. Man, I forgot how irrational people get on this site when you highlight certain issues with a machine they are emotionally attached to.

You know...instead of blindly disagreeing with me, why don't you actually try clicking the link I provided? You'll see an in-depth comparison between the PS4's black levels and the X1's black levels...proving the X1's gamma/black levels are BROKEN.

dantesparda1204d ago

@ Lukas

Why are you even trying to reason with these fanboys? You know they don't care about the truth and arent rational. Save your breath and bubbles. The fanboys on this Xbox fanboy infested site aint going to listen.

MarkusMcNugen1203d ago


I own an Xbox One. I clicked your link, and read the results. Seems like a legitimate problem. So I voted on the Xbox Feedback site to get it fixed.

Heres the link if anyone else wants to vote for it too.

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nicksetzer11204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Improper video settings on the users end have nothing to do with the xbox one or ps4... you can also increase contrast and make everything look pixelated also. In fact, even something as simple as video/picture format type can completely change the quality of a video. (Even with same res) Idk what you are trying to prove with those purposely botched pictures/videos.

That aside, game still hasn't fully released, both still most likely have patches at launch, regardless they both look amazing and pretty darn similar.

GameDev11204d ago

Its common with most Xbox One games

Not really an issue here with game immersion, some people like it, some dont

Bigpappy1204d ago

I'll take that trade off any day. Looks like everyone got what they needed.

Nothing to see here. Move on. But before you do, please let me hear your opinions on the "superior version". Phase offer use by PS4 fanboys. I hope you don't mind me borrowing it

tlougotg1204d ago

Superior version still indeed lol IT dips in like one section of the campaign but they dont mention it dipping ever aain but the resolution is 1080p native the whole time and in mp doesnt dip at all. Whats your point? Ps4 version is still king, nothing to see here move on just like you said, you got your explanation from your Sony fanboy.

jrshankill1203d ago Show
Trekster_Gamer1203d ago

PS4, King of choppy framerates and subpar online experience!
XB1 version is the definitive console edition.

If all the Sonyfanboys would stop the 1080 bitching and always talking boycotting they might have had as good a version as the XB1.