Grand Theft Auto V Radios Stations Will Get New Content

GR - I love the soundtracks Rockstar Games creates for its open-world experiences and the region around Los Santos will have new tunes to bump soon.

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NukaCola1294d ago

I wish they'd bring back user content like the 8track and Cassettes in the original Xbox versions of GTA VC/SA. Maybe they could call it "MP3 Center" so you can listen to your own music on PS4/Xbone.

-Foxtrot1295d ago

Hopefully there will be an oldie soundtrack like Flash FM

No more modern mainstream crap

ANIALATOR1361295d ago

Definitely needs some oldies. Some Beach Boys or something would be good for cruising down Vespucci beach

-Foxtrot1295d ago

Anything but present day music, the game has enough of it.

Want some really good classics.

Docknoss1294d ago

That's the only real problem with this game, the sound track was horrendous. Modern music is the worst I says, the worst!

SteamPowered1295d ago

Rockstar sure know how to do a Re-release. Not just a simple 1080P sticker on it for a new console. Congrats. Cant wait til January to play. Looks like I will have to burn through some holidays early next year.

Jaqen_Hghar1295d ago

A man loves GTA talk radio. Can't get enough of it. Hopefully they add a lot more on that front

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