Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare blocks out Share Play entirely

PS4 Daily has learned that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare does not allow players to Share Play the game.

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GribbleGrunger1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

What a stupid move By Activision. Don't they understand how Shareplay actually helps sell games. I gave someone a test drive of Unfinished Swan the other day. He bought it the following day.

Rearden1356d ago

Call of Duty is Activision, not EA.

GribbleGrunger1356d ago

Yes, I realised and was hoping to correct it before anyone noticed ... darn it.

bradfh1356d ago

Activision and EA are the same in my books, both are ruining gaming

Pogmathoin1356d ago Show
finito821356d ago

EA is not THAT bad honestly, they are making a turn around ever since they were voted worst business practices last year.

also considering I can SharePlay both EA's Madden 15 and UFC with friends, is pretty damn cool. Also all of UFC's DLC has been free up to this point, we got 3 dlc packs so far free of charge by EA.

So EA is deff trying to change, and AT LEAST they provide dedicated aervers to Battlefield 4 which has also improved greatly with the patches.

So I would say Activision is on the horizon to surpass EA as worse business practice, especially if they plan to release micotransaction purchases again that is seperate from thats bad for business.

BiggerBoss1356d ago

This is really disappointing. I was gonna try this game out on shareplay and buy it if i liked it, but now im just going to skip it altogether. I may buy it down the line when its cheaper

G20WLY1356d ago

Maybe they're only blocking it until the game officially releases - i.e. tomorrow it will work fine?

I know it's Activision, so I won't hold my breath, but it's a possibility.

XabiDaChosenOne1356d ago

"Its publishers who put money into making them"
And where do you think they are getting this money from genius? Santa Clause? LMAOOO!!

Why o why1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

'You fanboys have some serious sense of entitlement.... Its clear who is ruining the industry, keeping it the immature laughing stock of the entertainment industry. '

Irony explosion

Most ps fans who were using ps plus last gen know it takes time for the better titles to come to plus. Ive seen more complaints from non ps owners. Last gen plus started past the mid gen point so the potential pool of games was already huge.

In regards to the feature being blockedg. Not too surprising. We'll have to see how it goes. Personally I was only expecting this feature to work on titles that had local multiplayer for both to be able to play.

andibandit1356d ago

Im thinking it may have something to do with the peer to peer connection, for example

Someone is host for the match AND hosting a Shareplay session.

JVIV1356d ago

Is a suck up who likes to defend these millionaire companies , we don't all shit money to be buying new games and at least with share play you can give somebody a taste of the cake

mikeslemonade1355d ago

I may not have used that feature for COD, but Activision can go kick rocks with their move. Ubisoft and Activsion are flopping this generation and I hope they go bankrupted.

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annoyedgamer1356d ago

Activision published the game, and blocking Shareplay isnt going to hide the game as gameplay is all over Youtube and has been for days now. I is not even bad most of what I have seen looks great. I am sure they have a reason though.

madmonkey011356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

yeah they wouldn't want anyone to get a slice of their games for free, even for an hour, when they can charge £60 for it

Mustang300C20121356d ago


Because a business isn't about making money right? What a stupid ass comment.

u4one1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

its because they don't want to give any of the game away for free. if you are going to play it, they are going to want you to buy it. I personally see this as being the norm with big, expensive AAA titles, which is also why I haven't shared the same enthusiasm as other people on this site about Shareplay (along with bandwidth/quality issues)

gangsta_red1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

You can expect a lot of other third parties to follow the same pattern in the future.

It's a great feature, but do you honestly think a lot of 3rd party devs who wanted online passes, the demise of used games and locked content on disc are truly happy about the shareplay feature?

Shareplay may benefit in convincing "some" to purchase a game but more than likely for most, its a great way to exploit a game and use it to not purchase a game and just wait for someone to share with you every hour on the hour.

Sony should have never gave devs and publishers the option of opting out. But I'm sure they knew a lot of third party devs did not like the idea of shareplay.

Tempest3171356d ago

And who exactly is going to be willing to just constantly let someone use their ps4, along with also being willing to waste their time getting them connected hourly? Shareplay is just as much about getting to play games with your friends that only one of you have, as it is about getting more sales. No one in their right mind is going to exploit it, because its just not plausible.

Alsybub1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Companies are also unlikely to allow it because they found that last gen having loads of demos didn't really, positively, affect sales. That's why there hasn't been many so far this gen. Basically, they have statistics that show people aren't more likely to buy the game so why allow it? I think they actually found that people bought slightly less games because of it.

After all, if there's no option to try before you buy then the only way to try it IS to buy it. If you were selling a product which would you prefer? People to try it and, on that basis, not buy it or people only having the option to buy? I'm not saying it's the way I would prefer it to be but that doesn't mean my preference makes good business sense.

Oh, and my two cents on Share Play - Waste of time gimmick that only benefits the person at the other end playing the game with no incentive for me to allow someone to control my PS4. Everyone talks about it from the perspective of the player and not the host. Anyone with a normal internet connection wouldn't be able to go and watch NetFlix or another game service because their internet bandwidth is being taken up for the benefit of someone else who isn't even present. I don't see how that's appealing.
Give it a couple of months, after the novelty has worn off, and it will be rarely used.

Baka-akaB1356d ago

Of course it's not great for all games , and got it's limiations , but there are cases i've seen when it can be more useful . Friends from a past party chat were able to play versus matches in a game like UFC .

Seems like a more interesting way to demo mp centric games , like fighting games and sports games , than giving them a demo when they play the AI .

brads41356d ago

There is no way they would have put this in without an opt out. Devs don't care, publishers do (EA, UBI, Activision). They want their cash. Not the ability to play the campaign for free then go home. Shareplay is an idealistic idea, that does not conform with how publishers want to squeeze every penny out of everyone.

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FanboyKilla1356d ago

If i was a dev i would block it too. @ gribblegrunger what do you think would sale more games? Being able to play for FREE, or having to buy it, to play it. Hmmmmmm.

I guess sony left out the fine print for you guys. It seems it isnt as good in practice as it is in theory. Still, a cool feature if devs let you play. I hope its not in vein though.

Ju1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I rather think this is more and advertising feature than anything. It gives you a glimpse of the game, but it sure isn't the full experience. First, you need to actually have a friend who is willing to share and thus it limits it's uses. And then, what good luck convincing the other pear to sit their idle watch you playing his/her game. Second player maybe, but I doubt it will ruin sales for a publisher.

Sony should maybe change the way this works. Separate "control" and "spectator" mode. And block controls only, not the screen.

extermin8or1356d ago

Well because I for example am on the fence after past COD's now people say this one mixes it up enough to be worth purchasing. I wanted to try it first via shareplay before possibly ordering it however I can't try it as they've blocked shareplay. That's a sale lost and I know alot if other people are of the same mind.

Outthink_The_Room1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )


I'm not trying to defend Activision or any publisher who blocks SharePlay, but it's not about advertising.

You have...

Twitch Streams
Gameplay Previews
Developer Diaries
And lastly, Hands-on Previews themselves at various conventions and conferences.

I hardly think SharePlay is the reason for marketing and advertising.

Baka-akaB1356d ago

But those arent actually the same as playing those in the flesh . Except betas and demos wich are very few or extremely limited .

I'll admit i dont have use for it , because whenever the console is on , i'm too busy to do it . Not to mention always using the net for something else , when not mp .

Still it's a decent tool and option . I've actually seen from party Chats rooms , people and friends decide to get Shadows of Mordor and a few other games , because of it .

Filtering crap on twitch can be tedious and not enough for some , and trailers ands feeds arent everything

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AgentSmithPS41356d ago

Yep. They could've let people use Shareplay on only one part of the game if they wanted (and blocked the rest), I'm sort of surprised they didn't use that to their advantage to manipulate people (by letting only the best part(s) be shared). Who knows, maybe their 'team of shrinks' told them this was the best way to maximize profits, or maybe they received an anonymous donation to block it ;).

purp13m0nk3y1356d ago

Good call. Allow share on SP only or something. 90% of people buy COD for the MP.

Giving them a taste of the SP to show off the shiny gfx and new movement mechanics would definitely move some units.

I've been a COD hater for a couple of years now (I can admit it. MW2 was the last COD I played and liked) but I'm seriously tempted to buy this one.

I was hoping to try a mates copy on share play to make a final decision. Oh well. Lost sale from me. I'll pick it up used cheap in a month or two. Pity.

irepbtown1356d ago

I agree with giving a part of the game but not SP only.

They should do MP and only be able to play one mode for example Team Deathmatch, on one level and you can only rank up to say, rank 5 and you can only unlock one or two things from each category.

That way you can give someone a rather good experience, but still far short of the full one. Maybe include one or two SP missions to sweeten it.

That's what I would do if I was in charge.

ZombieKiller1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Same here. Shadow of Mordor, VERY NEXT DAY! I'm happy to have SharePlay and was looking forward to it in COD. I bet the reason they are holding back is so that the casuals can't hop on someones system every now and then. More money for activision. I bet it's because they know it will sell regardless and this just might be a way for SOME gamers to play a round or 2 for free without purchase. If you think about it, alot of the casuals like this game because they can pick it up and play it for a few rounds without investing too much time into it. I bet Activision knows this and thinks this will hurt sales in that way.

Imalwaysright1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

CoD isn't Unfinished Swan. Everyone knows about it and has an idea of what to expect from it. It's possible that they blocked shareplay to avoid losing sales which is something that shareplay also brings to the table.

Harold_Finch1356d ago

It's understandable, like an advertisement for Apple, they don't need share play. Apple's ads consist of nothing but 3rd party apps and pencil comparisons but you know what it is anyway.

Buy the game if you're interested, who cares.

ramiuk11356d ago

i fully expect this to be a 60fps issue.
also the fact u have to create an actual character online etc.

infact i can think of about 10 reasons why it wouldnt work for such a fast action game.
Many people who play splitscreen online cause issues in lobbys because there uploading 2 players and makes room lag.

St0rm_Cr0w1356d ago

Who the hell disagrees with you? Would your friend have bought The Unfinished Swan without trying it first? Probably not. Shareplay is a game changer not just for players but devs and publishers too, its common sense.

u4one1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I respect your opinion but I must disagree. Anecdotal evidence is trumped by market data every time. What you are more or less comparing Shareplay to in your argument is a game demo. Market research shows that demoing a game doesn't push sales in a positive direction. That is why we don't have tons of demos on the current gen systems as we did on the last gen systems. It's not worth the cost, time or effort. If your friend was not interested in that game and you were, simply telling them and selling them on the game is just as effective, if not more effective than a game demo except that to the company, your word of mouth is free and thus more valuable . If you wanted to play some multiplayer, your friend would have most likely purchased the game regardless of their Shareplay experience. If a limited number of people don't go buy the game because they can't try it first, they are usually the minority. Research tells us that if a person is even remotely interested in a game they will do their own research and most likely purchase it - even if they wait till the price drops. The people not interested at all in the game will most likely not purchase it, demo or not.

VegasDawg1356d ago

When they came out with it I was wondering if publishers were going to embrace it, I wonder if this is going to set a trend, hope not.

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neocores1356d ago

Share play wont be availbe in tell the full release on the 4th when it is on the playstation store. Share play is where u download a little small part and play but u can download if its not on the store -.-

GribbleGrunger1356d ago

That's not what Shareplay is at all. Shareplay is streaming the game directly to your PS4 from someone else's PS4. You don't have to own the game or download a single byte.

moomoo3191356d ago

His idea that it wont be availible till tomorrow is quite possible though. Actually that is most likely the reason

Orbilator1356d ago

@neocores stop commenting on stuff you don't know lol

kowan1356d ago

I think he's saying that Shareplay will not be available for COD AW until it's release date. Blocking it before release is pretty logical to avoid giving people free access to the full game even before the release of the game.

TheJacksonRGN1356d ago

Really? Because after shareplaying The Evil Within with a friend it shows up on my PS4 locked. It also takes up 753.7KB on the HDD and gives me the option to buy the full game.

GribbleGrunger1356d ago

That's just to encourage you to buy the game. It's not game code, just advertising.

TheJacksonRGN1356d ago

Advertisements do not take up space on the actual HDD.

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GameDev11356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

lol, no that is not shareplay

ON TOPIC: Wonder why Activision are restricting it


But it will actually help them sell more rather than lose sales, cause it is a free demo, people cant save progress on shareplay so it is not like you can finish the game

I tried Driveclub on shareplay and looking to get it in Dec, I would still be skeptical if I didnt try it

jackanderson19851356d ago

nothing to wonder about really, they don't wanna lose sales... i'd fully expect alot more devs to do this as time passes

kowan1356d ago

They're blocking it because it's not yet released. Reviewers get a review copy of the game before release but if Activision allows shareplay then people are gonna get access to the full game even before it's release date. It will best to avoid that.

ZombieKiller1356d ago

....neocores.....Lol wut?! Do you even play video games?

tlougotg1356d ago

Had to be activision smh of course!!!!

AutoCad1356d ago

well that kinda defeats the purpose of shareplay if more big titles end up blocking this.

SteamPowered1356d ago

That is a big factor in SharePlays success. And one that Sony really doesnt have control over.

KevWriter1356d ago

You think Sony went into this not having some level of buy in from most publishers? I'm sure they already know who will allow this feature and who won't. Apparently enough will allow it to make it feasible.

SteamPowered1356d ago

I think its the Developers who have the final say.
Sony doesnt seem the type to strong-arm devs into sharing content if they dont want to.
Sony may have a bazillion devs lined up for Shareplay for all I know, but you cannot deny that if some of the big players dont share their content, Shareplay will be affected.