Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Pre-Load & Cross-Buy Issues on PS4 Given Solution by Sony

Already known to be affecting Xbox owners, Ask PlayStation confirmed on Twitter that they’re “aware” of the issues with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PlayStation, particularly the pre-load/pre-order issue where some people are unable to access the game.

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AutoCad1379d ago

only on xbox though right lol..

Deathdeliverer1379d ago

I just bought the disc version and I'm glad I did. It's crazy that this Gen everything is having a rough start.

SliceOfTruth8881379d ago

there is no real issue except you have to redownload the game due to a glitch corrupting the first download....pretty simple. The only one having major problems is sony like The last of us digital pre order and the current driveclub nightmare

LonDonE1379d ago

LMAO people are having to delete the game download and download it all over again!! that's 45 something gb worth and yet you claim its no problem? great logic!

tlougotg1379d ago

I pre loaded and played my ps4 version just fine this morning :)

hollabox1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

It seem like a publisher issue rather than in any one particular console. PC owners are having similar issues as well. I finally got mines to work after verifying my game cache in Steam.

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