LittleBigPlanet 3 Lead Designer Talks PS4 Frame Rate, How You Can “Break It,” Gameplay and Much More

LittleBigPlanet 3 is getting close to its release on November 18th, and DualShockers recently had a chat with Lead Designer Jonathan Christian, who walks you through some interesting aspects of the game development.

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GribbleGrunger1300d ago

It takes 5 hours just to complete the Popit Puzzles alone. I used a workaround to see more of the Popit puzzles and I have to say they're fantastic.

GribbleGrunger1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

Of course it's 9 'million' as you well know, but I have to say that a large percentage of those levels are completely rubbish and there's really only about 3 million excellent levels. I can breeze through those in a weekend ... !

paddy951300d ago

Yea. I really like the levels with the sharks :D

jjonez181299d ago (Edited 1299d ago )

I just pre ordered it today. Locked down my Sackboy Plushie too. Can't wait!

On a darker note, if I had not already been a LBP fan I wouldn't have known this game is set to release less than 2 weeks from now. Seriously Sony wtf...? Destiny, a two month old average multiplatform new ip, gets more love than the third main entry of Media Molecule's baby? The gaming industry nowadays (outside of Nintendo)...

Adolph Fitler1299d ago

I know, it's disgusting & negligent & is the reason SO MANY developers died last gen with PS3....Sony just FAIL there exclusive developers in the marketing, in ways that only Sega in the 90's could do better.

This is the reason Insomniac are no longer PS exclusive developers, as Sony shat on them in regards to marketing, not to mention releasing KZ2 & 3 in similar release schedules as the latest Resistances.

Sony's entire marketing execs need replacing, firing, & sent walking, for new blood, as these turds are the sole reason Sony had to close down so many GREAT developers over PS3's lifespan, or otherwise 3rd party exclusive developers had to run to the mobile phone platform to survive.
It really is sickening to watch how irresponsible Sony's marketing push has been, after PS2.....especially because I believe Sony had such AWESOME, unrivalled, genius, advertising campaigns with PS1 & especially in PS2's era... I mean, that human pyramid ad, for me, is the greatest television ad of all time. Yet, Sony's advertising since PS3 release, has been non-existent to pathetic, at best. SAD. This is a large reason Sega failed with Dreamcast.

I would like to see my Sony consoles continue to be riddled with innovative, awesome, out of the box titles, & the only way that can continue is for Sony to push, hype & over advertise anything they put out, or 3rd party exclusives, as otherwise the casuals NEVER get past there idiotic, one track mind, COD, way of gaming.
New experiences NEED to be shown off, & marketed in smart ways, that get people talking, interested, & with that & word of mouth, as a direct result of said smart marketing, us, the gamers win, as we keep getting the LBP's, Ico's, SOTC's, Primals, Medievils, etc, etc, as well as those blockbuster AAA titles.