Evolve Big Alpha on PS4: Devs Give Advice on How You Can Finally Get a Working Match

The Evolve Big Alpha on PS4 hasn’t exactly been a smooth experience. First it was delayed due to incompatibilities with the 2.0 firmware update of the console. Yesterday night it was finally launched, but getting into a match is a quite difficult task.

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Gaming247allday1384d ago

Wow this is a dud on PSN, cmon Sony get your Online Game up!

donthate1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

What is different on the PS4 version as opposed to the Xbox One version?

I tried it over the weekend on Xbox One, and had no problems. Got in a match really quickly. I played over a dozen matches, and the matchmaking would only take minutes with my preference set.

So what is up with PSN?

Eonjay1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Nothing. All other PSN multiplayers are working fine. Its this game itself. Also, its 2k servers, not PSN... but I guess most people already knew that...

donthate1383d ago


The 2k servers ran fine on Xbox One. Also, keep in mind that even though you use your own servers, it still has to interact with PSN. It doesn't just completely hand it over to the server.

Xbox One servers had no problem handling the load, so there is no reason the same server cannot handle the PS4 load when 2k were planning to do both at once!

This is an issue primarily on PSN unfortunately for the people trying the game.

Yo Mama1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Ha! THAT is their technical support?! Just keep trying for hours and hours!? Screw them. I was looking forward to picking this up, but now I will be cancelling my pre-order. Way to go there, TurtleRock.

EDIT: This has nothing to do with PSN. Other games are working perfectly on PS4. The fact that some people can actually get online and play a match but most other's cant, tells me they don't have enough servers to support all the people who pre-ordered it on PS4. Because not only the people who pre-ordered are trying to get online, but each person who pre-ordered was sent an additional three codes to share with friends, so that's a ton of extra people trying to connect. I'd say TurtleRock needs to stop passing the blame and get their servers in order.

@ Below

That's absolutely correct.

FunAndGun1384d ago

you already pre-ordered the game, but are going to cancel it because you can't access the closed Alpha?

gangsta_red1384d ago

It's an Alpha, not a beta and definitely not the final version. You are BS'ing about canceling your order and if you were to do that then you're seriously not right in the head.

Better they work out the problems and kinks now in an alpha then to release this to the public for PS4 and not have it work.

squeezx1384d ago


It makes no sense for people to preorder this far out without knowing enough about the game to justify a purchase. Then as soon as something happens they don't like all you hear is crying and threats to cancel preorders.

Lordchunk1384d ago

I'm a little disappointed really, I must of spent aleast over 30 minutes starting at a red circle. Eventually I got into a game I literally screamed 'finally jesus' then after a minute of staring at that loading screen... *crash* let's just say I went bezerk and just gave up. I know it's an alpha and all but it's actually unplayable well for me anyway.

Orbilator1384d ago

Someone give me an alpha code please lol

JamieLeeC931384d ago

I spent ages trying to have at least one match and when I finally did I was a little disappointed :/

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