Dragon Age Inquisition Will Repair Bioware’s Reputation

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: Bioware’s level of quality has been in question ever since their merger with EA in 2005. Mass Effect 2 was every bit as epic as the first game was, however, the changes being made were apparent in the gameplay. It was clear that they were going in more of an action/shooter direction with less hardcore RPG elements than in the original Mass Effect.

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Romudeth1298d ago

I agree with this piece. It seems as if Bioware is on the verge of a major comeback. They listened to their fans and are making the Dragon Age game they want. Let's hope this translates to the next Mass Effect game as well.

Spinal1298d ago

I'll be waiting on twitch gameplay for this one. As all they've show again an again is combat videos. And combat is my least concern since it was done well in dragon age 2.

I haven't seen any good videos about the possibilities of the story choices and side missions or the people you encounter. Witcher does it very well whilst not spoiling anything in their trailers.

I'm concerned that this will be just an action adventure game only and no rpg at all.

-Foxtrot1298d ago

Will it though?

If it's good then yeah it helps but the scales would still be way off balance. One good game dosen' take back Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3.

SwiffEpics1298d ago

If Dragon Age Inquisition ends up being every bit as epic as it seems, then it will be very telling on the studio's mindset. Meaning future games (Mass Effect) will be taken seriously and crafted to perfection.

PabloMustasch1298d ago

I dunno, i liked mass effect 3, a bit heavy on the shooting and not so much rpg anymore but still a decent game

Your move Bioware

rbailey1298d ago

I wasn't sold on this game until the very recent trailer they released peaked my interests. Definitely will give it a try at some point now.

--bienio--1298d ago

Maybe I will pick this game on sale, Im too busy for at the moment with Evil Within and Shadow of Mordor plus Gta 5 is on the way early next year also The Witcher3 so basically there is no time for me to pick this game:) anyway after Da2 Im not sure if is worth to pick...

Drithe1298d ago

This is a used sale game at best. In the beginning they promoted the game as a "Look at us we have a gay character and situations and blah blah." political game instead of just a good game. This infuriated many.

I believe the sales of this game will absolutely bomb this year. I know I won't be getting it.

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The story is too old to be commented.