GameStop to stay closed on Thanksgiving Day

National gaming retailer GameStop plans to keep all 6,600 stores closed on Thanksgiving Day “out of respect” for its employees and their families

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aceitman1356d ago

good one down what other store is next hoping all. let it stay black Friday sales tradition .

Joey_Leone1356d ago

The employees lives are no longer at risk, more store's should do this.

theshonen88991356d ago

Great news for employees and customers.

3-4-51356d ago

I like this.

Thanksgiving is really one of the few times that family can ALL get together.

Family that might not get to see each other, all that often.

DaleCooper1356d ago

I'm okay with this. Let people have a day off!

CerealKiller1356d ago

I'm sure they are opening at midnight though.

GortJester1356d ago

Lol at getting down-votes for stating a fact. Gotta love it.

One-Shot1356d ago

They open at 6am on black Friday, so no it isn't fact. So you certainly get a deserved down vote for lack of the ability to use google.

CerealKiller1356d ago

Last year they opened at midnight- fact!

2pacalypsenow1356d ago

i have to go to work at 4pm on thanksgiving day

ScorpiusX1356d ago

I don't get the big deal why complain when a company or select companies stores want to open for business. Hey people buy & need to buy , people need to pay bill. People act like the last supper is being interrupted.

Revengeance1356d ago

So people shouldn't be able to spend time with their families? Good job on being part of the problem.

ScorpiusX1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

It's an ordinary day like no other , no big deal . If companies want to open their doors for business then I say go for it. Besides people have Christmas and new years to spend together. Look at it this way if we allow people to not say the pledge or pay respect to our flag then losing this day should be no big deal either.

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The story is too old to be commented.