Gran Turismo Developer on a Hiring Spree; Stepping on the Gas of Gran Turismo 7 Production on PS4?

Polyphony Digital has been working on Gran Turismo 7 for a while, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia recently published a notice seeking developers for several position within the team.

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SonofGod1232d ago

GT7 is going to be insane.

Just hope they do something about the vacuum cleaner engine sounds.

aceitman1232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

they have been hiring for sound engineers . so hopefully.

bouzebbal1232d ago

i cannot even imagine how much this game would sell! the very "unsuccessful" GT5 broke 12million sales. GT7 will be a beast i am a big fan of the series.
hoping they make the menus a bit more modern but still stylish and mature.

freshslicepizza1231d ago

at least 10 million, gonna be awesome

TXIDarkAvenger1232d ago

Yeah because GT5 and GT6 were so insane /s

CernaML1232d ago

Selling over 10 million units is pretty insane soooo....

Sitdown1232d ago

At some point you can't necessarily equate the number of sales to whether or not something is insane; established franchises can pick up sizable figures on name alone. See Call of Duty Ghost for example. I'm not saying the two previous titles were insane and I'm not saying that they were not..... just saying that in this instance, your measuring stick would be inappropriate.

bouzebbal1232d ago

does it hurt your butt that they are insane?
why do you comment in first place?

radler1232d ago

Sales of GT6 were pathetic compared to other entries in the series. I think GT5 caused some serious damage to the brand, and it will be interesting to see if GT7 can win back the fans or if the series' downward spiral continues.

After seeing an interview where Kaz stated that standard cars will be present in GT7 (I think GTPlanet posted it?) I've pretty much lost faith in Gran Turismo completely. They've really lost the spark that made the series special, and if you go back and look at something like Gran Turismo 3, it's almost as if it was made by a completely different developer. There used to be such an emphasis on fun, and they've since lost it completely.

RioKing1231d ago

^GT6 launched around the same time the new generation of consoles did. That is the main reason why I passed it up, and probably why countless other gamers did.

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donthate1232d ago

I will judge it when it was out. Too much hype fumes lately only to fall extremely far away from the tree.

DriveClub comes to mind, and so did Destiny.

Xb1ps41232d ago

Maybe... But they are always late to the party... Probably a 6.5 before the 7

Alinea1231d ago

YES THIS PLEASE also do something about those interiors.

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tlougotg1232d ago

Oh yeah the racing game behemoth is coming! Ps4 GT is going to be epic! mark my words!!!!!

Blackleg-sanji1232d ago

Uh oh here it comes. Damn of this makes 2015...dear lord help our wallets

SoapShoes1232d ago

Oh man I can't wait. As a big car nut, no game offers the same amount of variety as Gran Turismo. I've learned about lots of cars I had no idea existed because of this series. Plus with a good wheel it's physics are second to none on consoles. If I ever get a good PC I would like to try the amazing simulators on that. iRacing and Asseto Corsa look pretty awesome. Here's to hoping Project Cars turns out good.

kalimero21232d ago

I'm hoping for 2015. release

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