5 Strangely Terrifying Locations in Games

Even action-oriented games have a tendency to get creepy from time to time, but there’s a reason most of us fear Amnesia more than Left 4 Dead. Terror seems to grow best in the dark, out of sight but firmly planted in the player’s mind...

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DarkOcelet1383d ago

Dont remind me , i hated that level and i thought it was really creepy when the emission hits in Clear sky .

BootHammer1384d ago

Just about every level from Eternal Darkness =)

Rute1383d ago

Some of the places in The Los Illuminados castle in RE4 were terrifying and creepy:

Also, in the game Eternal Darkness, when the madness comes through into modern time into the mansion and Alex finds the ladders in the basement which are a gateway to an underground city built by the ancient ones... that is just pure awesomeness. Reminds me very much of HP Lovecraft's horror stories.

Matt6661383d ago

No there was nothing scary about RE4-6, if you want scary play RE2, the atmosphere of RE was creepy and SH1-4 & PT is really creepy